Interrupting the silence...

I am interrupting the recent silence on my blog (haha) to talk about a friend of mine’s new book. I am very lucky to be friends with some amazing people in our industry and Sarah Filke is one of them. Sarah is a resident of Australia. She came and taught at Quilter’s Affair last summer and was given rave reviews from her students.

I am excited to share with you her new book… Old Quilts, New Life



In this book Sarah selected 9 quilts from the American Folk Art Museum in New York and used them as the inspiration for her 18 quilts. She asked me if I had a favorite antique quilt that I would like to share…. Why yes I do!


I love this quilt! The contrasting fabric used in the chevrons intrigued me. I loved the varying widths of the rows and how the fabrics were all over the place but the way they are arranged made the quilt work. (I was privileged to see it in person at the Houston International Quilt Show in the Kaffe Fassett showcase.) I was so inspired by this quilt and my recent collection of fabric Mystic, inspired by Morocco, that I had to make something.

My something is this….


The Souks

The souks are the market place in the center of Marrakesh that I enjoyed winding through, finding treasures and seeing the craftsmen at work. The colors are vivid and the smell at times intense but so full of life I found myself sucked into a magical place.

The antique chevron quilt was a maze of color but yet felt organized…. That is the Souks!

Stay tuned for more about the Souks of Marrakesh and the new Mystic fabric!



Inspired by.... Clouds

May in Sisters, Oregon... rainy (which we are all very, very, very, happy about since our winter was extremely dry) and full of great clouds. May is also a busy time for me. I just returned from Quilt Market and we are 6 weeks away from Quilter's Affair and Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show....OMG how does that happen so fast? Reminding myself to breathe and enjoy the excitement of preparing to celebrate 40 years of quilt show.... and this weekend is the shop's 40th birthday party....all of these things will happen only once and I have to remember to be there..... 

The Clouds this time of year really speak to me... oddly enough keeping me grounded and in the moment.



Living on a canyon we get really amazing fog...




and then this happens....




Oregon Coast has fabulous clouds...


Who doesn't photograph clouds when your flying?



I couldn't show photos of clouds without some from Morocco.....




A sunset on the roof top of Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh, Morocco! When I see this image I can remember the smell of the air, giggling with Louise as we ran out of the main house to the roof top to capture this amazing sunset... trying not to mess up the Henna tattoos we had just received...

Isn't this why we love photographs so much...

Have a great day!




Ashton Road Candy Picnic...


Ashton Road was released the end of July....for my collections to release complete I like to do a "look book" for the salesmen and women to show to shop owners when they show the fabric for the first time. The look book is full of inspirational photographs and projects. Some of the projects are free pattern downloads and others are recreated Sewing Cards. I try to come up with a theme for the photo-shoot that reflects what the fabric means to me. To get the look book to Robert Kaufman in time I receive sample yardage about 4 to 6 weeks before my deadline. That being said I try to be really prepared for the projects that need to be made and the photo-shoot. I received Ashton Road in the beginning of June. In the images below you will see all the work that goes into getting ready for a release. I have some of the most wonderful staff at the Stitchin' Post and friends that help me with all the sewing and pattern writing as well as the photo-shoots. I could not do it without them!

For Ashton Road the photos-hoot had to be with the had to be outside on a summer day. The colors in the fabric remind me of candy so we created a "candy picnic" for the kiddos. Two of my good friends helped me with the shoot. We each had cameras - perfect for three kids! It was the best day and one of the funnest photo-shoots I have ever done. The images are priceless and really express the happiness and love that created Ashton Road.


The Round-table...



My Tent...




Playtime Treehouse Quilt (free download).... made out of the flannel.








Vivi loves her Cruzin' Everyday Skirt....(new sewing card)

Bloglivskirt (1)


The Everyday Skirt pattern will be released at Fall Quilt Market.



Playtime Bikes.... out of the cotton sheeting. (free pattern download)




Urban Baby Quilt... (free pattern download) Flannel...





Three Times Around... (free pattern download) Cotton Sheeting...




This quilt is adapted from one of my patterns - The Zoey Throw.

That was our day.... lots of laughing... lots of sugar and LOTS of great photos!!!


This is my other new pattern coming out at Quilt Market, Diamond Lane.

I am doing the final touches for Quilt Market next weekend....My booth will be featuring Ashton Road... Photos to come....

Hope you have a great day!!!

Enjoy those little things in your life.... like laughing kids with lolipops!!!



PS We are working on getting all of the Ashton Road free patterns up for download by the end of Ocotber.




Ashton Road...

Happy Monday!!!

With International Quilt Market just around the corner I thought I would share my newest collection of fabric with Robert Kaufman, Ashton Road.

This collection was inspired by these three lovlies.....


We love drawing together... even Teague with his 5 year old attention span. I wanted to do a kids collection that also had prints that didn't scream juvenile..... Out of their love and creativity came this colleciton Ashton Road....(Ashton is Teague's middle name)



The Neighborhood....

The Neighborhood is repeated the length of the fabric and there are 4 panels of Treehouses in the width of the fabric.




Flower Stand - Summer


Flower Stand - Cubana


Flower Stand - Extract


Keys - Extract


Keys - Cubana


Keys - Vermeil


Dotted - Indigo


Dotted - Grass


Dotted - Charcoal


Dotted - Persimmon


Dotted - Pomegranate


Blossom - Emerald


Blossom - Orchid


Blossom - Peoney


Blossom - Marigold


Blossom - Charcoal


Leaves - Grass


Leaves - Indigo


Leaves - Poppy


Leaves - Charcoal

There you go.... Ashton Road the Collection.... these beauties come in cotton sheeting and cotton flannel!

Tomorrow I will share the fun photo shoot and projects that I did to support Ashton Road.

Have a great day!



Color of the Week...Royal Blue



Royal Blue



Bachelor Buttons and blue skies....

Love Notes and Quilts...some of my favorite Royal Blue things...










I am in Pittsburg, PA for International Quilt Market this week. It is a wonderful time for me. My first market with Robert Kaufman...I am so lucky to be with such a great family.

Have a great day!!!



Portland Market....

Back from market and finally feeling like I have caught up....well, at least on the market stuff now onto the next deadlines. I am reminded that I don't like to be bored so new projects are always good. Keeps the creative juices flowing.

Before the new projects how about some photos from my booth at market?! WISH!
I love a corner is open and very inviting...

I wrapped twigs with Wish fabric and hung little wish birds and the lyrics of Jena's song on the branches. The old (working) typewriter was available for folks to type their wishes...
Here is the little wish bird pattern for you to make your own birdie! Download Little Birdback
A jar of wishes from my friends at market...
I also had all the wishes from my friends and family that make up the Wishing Tree print.
The new Jillie Wrap skirt and Amelia Shawl...
My Wish chairs and knitted pillows.....
Close-up of the other pillow.... pattern to come soon!!
Wish Bird....
I love my birdie vase...perfect for a peony....
Can't end without some beautiful Peony photos.... I could take photos of these flowers forever and ever and ever!!!!

Thanks to all the great peeps that visited me at market! Makes me feel great to see all the wonderful smiles and get all of the great hugs!

Have a great day!!!




Off to market....

We are heading to Portland tomorrow for market. If anyone comes to the show come by my booth 2254. I would love to meet you.

I wanted to share a couple more bits from Wish....

Living in Sisters we are so blessed to be surrounded by talented people who love to collaborate. My friend Jena is a musician and when I told her about Wish she asked if she could write a song about it. It is being put together as we speak and will be going on her new album. So exciting and flattering. As soon as I have the song available to me I will post so you all can hear this talented girl.... in the mean time here is her blog Cabin Time Sessions.

She was kind enough to give me the lyrics.... So beautiful!


This is the quilt Wish.... it uses a designer 2 1/2" roll from Free Spirit but you could also make it with fat 1/4's or 1/4 yards. It is a free pattern download. Download WishFreePattern_web

I will be taking lots of photos of my booth and market. You can always find my recent photos on my Valori Wells Designs facebook page or @valoriwells on Instagram and Twitter....hope to see you there.

I have to finish packing....




Coming Soon...

Been working like a mad woman the last couple months on all the projects and the spring market booth for Wish. Wish is my new collection of fabric that is coming out this spring.
Today the family is joining me for a photo scouting trip. Trying to find a perfect place for Monday's photoshoot. More to come soon!

Coming Soon...

Novella Booth at International Quilt Market in Houston, TX...

Well, thank god the election is over! I am so tired of the ads and all of the "shit" being said back and forth. I am happy that Obama won I just hope that he can listen and honestly try to bridge the gap between parties and make a difference in the next four years.....done with my opinion....

How about some pics from market.....

There is a lot going on in the is a booth that asks you to take a minute and look! Well, at least I hope so....













AAHHH... I wish I had more. I tend to get so caught up at market I forget to get good shots of the booth. But not to worry we are putting the booth up at the shop! So put so much into a booth and for it to only be available to view for 3 days is just sad. I am lucky to be able to set it up in our shop.

On another note I am happy to announce after a long, long, long time in the works my new web site is up and running I now have a shopping cart and everything! Too exciting.... Over the next couple of months I will be having specials on orders to celebrate!!! Keep your eye out on the blog, facebook (Valori Wells Designs page), instagram (@valoriwells) and twitter (@valoriwells).....

Have a great day!!!




PS I have not forgotten about Wrenly....she just had to take a step back while Novella was front and center.....

The end of May....

As this month comes to a close - honestly I can't believe that it is almost June...almost Quilt Show in July. Wait I have to remember not to get a head of myself....there is still a lot of fun to come about in June. June 1st I am starting "Simply Made Summer".....every Friday for 12 weeks I will post some great projects, recipes and free downloads...might even be some giveaways!!

My goal to do a pic everyday and post everyday has somewhat fallen....I do take the pics but just don't get to posting as much...... I thought I would share some pics from market. It was a great time!!! Coming home is always good......the kids were excited to see me as was my husband! The morning after I got home I was up with Teague early and we were in the kitchen listening to music. The song Kandi by One Eskimo came on and he puts his sippy cup down on the floor and stretches out his hand to me to dance with him. My heart melted! What a sweet little boy he is....such a mamma's boy! (I love it)

Ok Pics from Quilt Market!




The beautiful Amy Butler....Love that girl!


waiting for take down.....there is always a lot of hurry up and wait! Of course as I look through these few images I realize I need to take more....Have to remember that for Houston when "Novella" comes out.

Have a great weekend!




After Market.....

I am so guilty....not sending any pre-view of Karavan booth and new patterns before market.....

I have no excuse....

Jules was shipped in a large box to the hotel in Houston...I carried her over from the hotel to the convention center. Funny got a lot comments, "did you know you have an elephant on your back?" Really?! .....I think mom got a picture. I'll have to check. Needless to say Jules stole the show. The bell of the ball.... and we got the Second Place award for the booth. I was thrilled! It was the first time that  I have done a booth at the fall market in Houston. But I think it was worth it since I was introducing a new substrate....the yummy Jersey Knit. Karavan Jersey Knit was a huge least to me. We will see...It just seemed like everyone was mentioning that they have been looking to introduce some jersey to their shops. Good Timing.....

And now for the few photos I have...I was a bit distracted in setting up and doing the schoolhouses and lecture that I didn't even take out my other camera...these are all my iphone photos - with my FAVORITE app ever Hipstamatic....




Sondy and I on Sunday, wearing the Isabelle Skirt and the Sondy Top - which I made into a dress.

Jules after she received her new earring.....

Jules got her picture taken more than me....but this time they wanted us both.


Can't believe that is all the photos I took....I do have some new patterns that I will post quits and clothes.

Good Night my friends....



Quilt Market photos....finally!

Ohi Vey.....I have been playing catch up since I have been home from market....catch up with the family. I missed them so much. Catch up with the shop and the studio and, and, and, and!!! Never ending I guess. Market was excellent! We had so much fun putting Wrenly's Place together and showing her to everyone that attended. Thanks to all my friends that came by the booth!!

So here you go....

The party in the booth before we packed it all up...I don't think the garage was every that fun!

Loved having my friends haning out in the booth chatting and relaxing.

and now for set up.....

Here is the booth....

Tomorrow there will be some details....

Have a great day!



The Changing of the Bench....

The studio is a buzz of creativity as I am preparing for market. Sondy and Carolyn have been a big help getting all of the details worked out...

One of the elements in Wrenly's Place will be an old bench from the Stitchin' Post that I have painted and is the changing of the bench! (PS most of the photos were taken with my iphone so not the best - please forgive me)

How it originally looked...
Lovley old, as the fabric was removed this is what was found...
WOW, isn't that the 70's smacking in your did such a great job covering this in a patchwork collection of cottons and velveteen's....
Look at this piece of fabric that we found behind the velveteen.....Carolyn thought that maybe as a kid I put it in the bench as she was recovering it...the fabric is from 1976. I would of been 3. Now, I can see Vivi sticking some sort of fabric in something I was working on, so it wouldn't surprise me if I did put the fabric in the bench. Mom doesn't we will never know.
Painted in turquoise....the old bench is taking on new life with the paint and my new home decorator fabric, Ingrid.
AAHHH, Sophie approved....that means I had to of done something right, those kitties can be pretty picky.
The bench sits in my studio now covered in cat hair but truly loved. I can't wait to see it in the booth.

Well, I'm off to the studio to get more done! Have a great day!!!


Wrenly's Place...the beginning...

An update on the March Modern Fabric Madness.....I didn't make it past the second round...but I lost to a great competitor, Kate Spain...and I love her fabric so not too bad.....

We started assembling the booth this weekend in the garage.....I am so excited I think I might burst! I thought I would share bits and pieces of how Wrenly's Place is coming together.

Eric is Carolyn's husband and a wonderful contractor. He was nice enough to build the booth for me. Ross and Teague helped him out as much as possible....


Once the booth was done we had a great dinner with Carolyn and the boys....taco's and sangria how can you go it is time to paint...
Now for a bit of fabric....
Ross asked me if I was making a parachute...."No", I said, " just a failed quilt idea that will end up on the back of the voile quilt." It was a great idea just haven't quite figured out how to make it work.
This is the beginning of the Voile quilt out of Wrenly....

Back to work!