Flying Carpet

Happy Saturday....

This is Flying Carpet, one of the four quilts made out of Mystic Fabric, for Robert Kaufman.


Flying Carpet was inspired by the rugs and carpets in Morocco.

IMG_3181 1


The variety of styles and colors were amazing....each style representing a tribe or area in Morocco.




No rug was exactly the same because they were usually made by one woman - their skills passed down from generation to generation and no pattern is used just their knowledge. I loved that you could see two rugs from the same village with similar patterns still be very different.


I had to include this cute little guy. Kitties are well revered in Morocco... they take care of the rodents since most of the markets and homes are open air. You will find them everywhere.... I was in heaven.

IMG_3176 1



In honor of Flying Carpet I am giving away a fat 1/4 bundle of the "extract" palette....just leave a comment below and the winner will be chosen on Monday. My manor of choosing winners is not scientific, I collect the number of comments (say 35) and write them on little pieces of paper and let one of the kids draw. So it really is quite random. Don't worry this isn't your only chance to win....I will be giving away a bundle of fabric with each quilt.

Hope you have a great weekend!



The flying carpet pattern will be available mid January from The Stitchin' Post.

Good-Bye Color of the Week...

Good- Bye Color of the Week... you have been good to me.

Over the past year I have been pushed at times to find images of a certain color.


I found out that most of my photographs of blue are of the sky. It was my hardest color to find photos of. Which I find very interesting because my favorite color is turquoise.


All of the neutrals were the easiest and I loved finding just the right ones.


Sometimes I had to call my husband to ask him what he thought of a color because I had no words.


I made a point of posting at least 7 photos of the color. And at times I know I took creative license in picking photos...


I tried to make sure that not all of my photos were of nature. My favorite thing to photograph is the natural world. I wanted to show color in unexpected places.


I loved using my Hipstamatic App on my phone to take photos, sometimes they ended up perfect for colors others not so much. It was unexpected and exciting.


I saw color in more depth than I ever have....

I have been overwhelmed with the response to Your Favorite Color of the Week... thank you so much for all of your kind words. They make my heart so full....I wish I could give some fabric to everyone who took the time to comment.

The kiddos and I picked winners and I will be emailing you directly.

Have a great day!!!!





I am in LOVE!

A friend recently forwarded me a blog with the most amazing photography.... I am truly in LOVE with Kristy Mitchell's work I had to share....

All of her work looks like a master at photoshop but she doesn't use photoshop to edit.... she makes everything, uses the world around her, it is mind blowing!

Kristy Mitchell Wonderland






You can see her collection of images on her website....

She will inspire you! Her story reminds me to follow my dreams and don't give up on a vision....I will continue to follow her work and be inspired!

Have a great day!!!


A time of Thanks....

The holidays are fast approaching and my FAVORITE holiday is this week, Thanksgiving! Food, family, laughter, wine, food, family.... you get the picture. There are no expectations just to be together, at least that is how I approach it.

I thought I would share some of my images of thanks...... IMG_4180
I am thankful for this man.... we just spent a wonderful vacation celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Mexico. It was a well needed rest and re-group. And I fell in love again....even more so than when we go married. Funny how that happens in the chaos of life, work, kids and marriage.


These beautiful babes...all silly and all mine!


Mother Nature and her endless supply of inspiration...

IMG_4187 work... I truly love what I do!






Laughter..... silliness!


Learning to let go....


This woman.... my mom!


Clouds... And Sunsets....



Thank you for being a part of my life.....



When you are out for the count....

I am working on day 10 of a cold... quite hard for this girl who likes to do things as well as has lots to do. Alas when your sick your sick....I found myself in our big red chair watching TV. I have finished the series Orange is the new Black. Interesting...series, I am curious if they will come out with a season 2.

What do I do while I sit and sneeze...

I cuddle under lots of colors to make me happy...


I knit.... and pick up knitting projects that I haven't worked on in ages but think I might be able to finish. Wishful thinking...


I think a lot about all of the unfinished projects in the studio....even wonder around thinking I might have enough energy to work on a project but find myself back in the big red chair but now with a sketch book and paper.


Got some great sketches with this cold.....and once I am bored with that I move onto embroidery....


I am doing this embroidery out of the sketch above for an Artist Satchel that I want to make to take on a trip to Mexico with my husband in November. We are celebrating 10 years of marriage with a trip to a beach to do nothing... except I will have my sketch book and camera and possibly knitting - yes, for sure knitting. I hope that I can get it done. I have this great vision in my head of what it will look like. Now it is just bringing it to life...

I think I am on the upswing of this cold...and at least it was somewhat productive time in the big red chair.



Sunday Cleaning

It seems like every time I have a new fabric collection coming into the studio I do a cleaning......As much as it is my new collection "Novella" (due to arrive any day for me to dive into) I have to create a better place for my computer. I have worked on a lap top forever.....I am finally committing to a desktop. My new Apple Baby arrives on Thursday. I am so excited to have a bigger screen to work on and a faster computer. 

The problem today is that my original idea for moving my desk doesn't fit....I have been moving furniture since this morning and still haven't figured it out......My studio looks like a bomb of "stuff" went off....which makes me want to cleanse even more. But I find myself pacing around the studio trying to decide what to do.....Figured it would be a nice distraction to blog.



The mess......and I have bolts of fabric that have to find a home because the next batch will be here soon! And I admit I am a stacker. I stack things all the time. It is one habit I have that I am starting to find very annoying. Tough one to break but I am determined to at least minimize it. 

Must get motivated to keep at it!

Have a great Sunday!



I love my sketchbooks....I carry one around where ever I go. Kinda like my phone and wallet. The sketchbooks that I have found from Rag & Bone are the ULTIMATE! Perfect size, great paper, and beautiful covers.....

Rag & Bone use designer fabrics to cover their handmade journals. All of their product is made in the US. So cool! We send them my fabric and they cover the books and then we have unique journals in the shop. Kinda cool.....

Starting today Rag & Bone is doing a trunk show of limited edition designer books, journals and so much more! They used the Liv print from Cocoon for a series of books. I might have to go shopping.....


I have filled one sketchbook and am working on my second......I used to have a hard time keeping a sketcbook and journal but now I love it....


Images from my book.....

The paper is awesome....I travel with a little watercolor set and pull it out and paint in the sketchbook.

My new book is filling up quickly.....some new ideas for fabric.

Have a great day!



PS.....not just a trunk show of amazing books but also a sale!



Simply Made Summer.......

Happy Friday! As summer continues I am hoping for warmer weather for my garden....luckily we have missed the frost but there is not much new growth.....Looking forward to July when we have warmer days.....

I have been working on the instructions for the knitted edging for the Summer Nights Shawl and am happy to say they are done and ready for you......

here is the download able version Download Knittedlaceedging

This was my test version....on this I used two colors and make it longer. The pattern is for the original shorter version.

I used Shibui variegated sock my obsessive personality continues I am now knitting the edging out of 4 ply yarn for my voile Fina skirt. To adjust the pattern so that the lace is long enough I measured the bottom edge of my skirt and added stitches in multiples of 12 to make it the appropriate length. I will share when it is done!



This is the back side or other side of the knitted lace edging.....I think it is just as beautiful as the front. Just in case you didn't get the Summer Night Shawl pattern here you go.....



and if you want to share..... Download SummerNightsShawl-web

Another great weekend project the Sassy T-Shirt Dress for your favorite little girl. My girls love their dresses and love it when I make them something out of my fabric. I am not sure at what age this ceases to be fun but for now they love it.

For market I took a picture of the girls in the field and added butterfly kites to the sky. This was blown up to a 4' x 8' panel and became one of the walls of the booth. I just love it!
So easy to make.....all you need is a t-shirt and some voile or cotton and about an hour....

Have a great weekend!!!



And the Winner(s) are.....

Good Morning.....Wow, I had a great turn out on comments for the We Love Color book....104! Since I have two girls and so many comments I decided that I would pick two winners one will get the We Love Color book from C&T and the other will get some of my new Cocoon fabric.

Vivi picked first....for the Book....

The winner is......Adele....I will be emailing you!

Olivia's pick.....for Cocoon Fabric....

And the winner is.....Debbie....I will be eamiling you!

Thanks again to all of you that commented! Keep looking back at my blog....more give aways this summer!!!



The end of May....

As this month comes to a close - honestly I can't believe that it is almost June...almost Quilt Show in July. Wait I have to remember not to get a head of myself....there is still a lot of fun to come about in June. June 1st I am starting "Simply Made Summer".....every Friday for 12 weeks I will post some great projects, recipes and free downloads...might even be some giveaways!!

My goal to do a pic everyday and post everyday has somewhat fallen....I do take the pics but just don't get to posting as much...... I thought I would share some pics from market. It was a great time!!! Coming home is always good......the kids were excited to see me as was my husband! The morning after I got home I was up with Teague early and we were in the kitchen listening to music. The song Kandi by One Eskimo came on and he puts his sippy cup down on the floor and stretches out his hand to me to dance with him. My heart melted! What a sweet little boy he is....such a mamma's boy! (I love it)

Ok Pics from Quilt Market!




The beautiful Amy Butler....Love that girl!


waiting for take down.....there is always a lot of hurry up and wait! Of course as I look through these few images I realize I need to take more....Have to remember that for Houston when "Novella" comes out.

Have a great weekend!




May 13.... Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope all the moms out there had as beautiful of a day as I did!
I was woken up at 6 because the kids couldn't wait to see me! Pretty cute! We had brunch at Faith, Hope & Charity vineyards - named after the three sisters mountains. It is a young vineyard but such a beautiful setting. I am hoping that next summer I can have my 40th birthday there. Anyway, the day continued in the back yard getting everything ready for planting. The kids played in the pool! It turned into a nudest colony.... The kids love to be naked and gardening topless is a great way to keep the tan lines away! We are very comfortable in our own bodies..... To end the evening we had dinner at the brewery! What a great day!


May 13.... Happy Mother's Day!!

May 13.... Happy Mother's Day!!

May 12.....

Happy Saturday!!! It is a awesome day in Sisters, OR!!! The Kennedy house or should I say garden was full of life today... We did a ton of clean up, all the kids helped, the cats were out playing in the dirt. Complete happiness! I have never had the garden ready for planting before market. I am so happy! After we were done in the garden, Ross went to town the little ones took a nap and Olivia and I went into the studio and made her dress.

My pic for today.....


Now we are enjoying a BBQ at friends house! What a great day!!!!!

May 12.....

May 12.....

May 8th......pic(s)

Mom and I headed out this morning to meet up with the ladies - very talented ladies - that participated in The Quilt For Two Rivers. This project is a collaboration of quilt artists and the forest service..... I don't have the best words to describe it so here is what is on the blog....

Quilt for Two Rivers celebrates the outdoors in a classic American art form

 By Maret Pajutee, Ecologist, Sisters Ranger District, U.S.ForestService

To date, the Tale of Two Rivers conservation campaign has generated an original microbrew, an annual cycling event, a plein air paint-a-thon and a movie screening.

Now up: a modern quilting bee.

A collaboration between the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, the National Forest Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service, Quilt for Two Rivers brings together 20 leading Pacific Northwest fiber artists who are combining talents on a single work; a 40-foot quilt with Whychus Creek running through each individual segment.

Fulfilling one aim of the Treasured Landscapes program, the project is strengthening community connections to the outdoors, specifically to two Wild & Scenic-designated Oregon rivers, Whychus and the Metolius River.

“These are not your grandma’s quilts, they are works of modern art,” notes Ann Richardson, Executive Director of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, a co-sponsor of Quilt for Two Rivers.  “And this is a unique, inspiring way to tell the story of how salmon and steelhead are making a comeback in these important waterways.”

Jean Wells, founder of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (the world’s largest outdoor quilting festival), named her segment of the quilt “Coming Home,” honoring restoration work that is bringing back native fish to Whychus Creek.  Her project is a family endeavor:

“My son Jason took me to the magical place on Whychus that you mostly see in the piece.  Other elements come from a hike to waterfalls in the upper reach I took with my six-year-old granddaughter, Livy, who took some of the photos I used in conceptualizing the work.  My daughter Valori is going to paint steelhead in the water section of the quilt.  My dream is to see them coming home to Whychus, and having Jason be able to go fishing there.”

The 17-panel final masterpiece will be sold either as a complete installation or as individual quilts.  A second, smaller quilt (four panels, seven feet long) along the same theme is also in development.  Half the proceeds from sales of the quilts will go to restoration projects on the two rivers, with the other half going to the quilters.  Both quilts will be unveiled June 1, with the large work exhibited at the Sisters quilt show as well as in Portland and Tacoma.

One goal has already been met: encouraging people from different walks of life to visit outstanding natural areas they may not know about in their own back yards.

Stay tuned for the upcoming “name the quilt” contest, blog posts and a short video by Liking the Quilt for Two Rivers Facebook page.

I was lucky enough to be a part of this awesome project.....I wanted to make one of the panels myself but it just wasn't douable so I got to be a part of moms....I painted the steelhead.

Today we took a picture of all of the quilts and some of the artists.... I had Ann take a quick pick for me for my pic of the day....well there are four.





This is how the quilt will hang ..... If you put the two together you would see the river flow....isn't that cool!!!

We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area.




A photo a day in May.....

I am a big fan of Instagram and while I was looking through it this weekend I saw a friend of mine - HappyZombie - was doing A photo a day in May..... I figured I can do that. Especially since I take at least one photo a day... SO here is my start....

May 1, 2012

Ross and I were celebrating sending off the crate for market...... and look we found a wine called Novella. Which happens to be the name of my fall collection of fabric. Yummy!


May 2, 2012

My new belt buckles.....yeah!


May 3, 2012

New purse that I knitted and am putting handles on....


May 4, 2012

A pretty tree beginning to bloom....on my way to surgery.


May 5, 2012

Knitting while on pain killers....not too bad.


May 6, 2012

After Teagues escape from his nap yesterday we modified the crib to a big boy bed. He fell out this morning but should get the hang of it soon.

Today the photo has not been taken..... will come later.



All belted up....

I am very lucky to be a part of the shop, along with a place to buy fabric and yarn our gift shop provides for all sorts of good finds. In January we were at gift show buying for Twigs and came across these awesome belt buckles..... Besides the fact that the designs were really cool the company did custom buckles! Oh lala!!!
Yesterday our six custom Valori Wells Designs buckles arrived! Thought I would share.... Hopefully we will have them up on the Twigs web site this week.


All belted up....

All belted up....

All belted up....

All belted up....

All belted up....

Our Beautiful Community....

We live in such an amazing, giving community! Every year there is a fundraiser for the music and arts in our schools called My Own Two Hands. They have a theme each year that is sent out to local artists and all the school kids. The theme is the inspiration for the art work. On a Friday night in April the town and local businesses come together and have an art stroll showing off the art work and the musicians of our town. All of the school kids get together and have a parade with their creations.
I have been a part of the fund raiser since the beginning. And now with my kids becoming more and more involved I find myself taking part in all the activities. This was my first year at the parade..... So fun to see the kids and teachers out celebrating our community and "Looking Up". (the theme of the year)

Here are a few pics I took at the parade....


Our Beautiful Community....

Our Beautiful Community....

Our Beautiful Community....

Our Beautiful Community....

Our Beautiful Community....

Saying Goodbye....

My parents recently sold the house I grew up in....

They moved into their new house about 3 years ago and I had not been back to the old house since.

I grew up in this house. We moved in when I was 6. I came home A LOT during college and after I moved into the little studio apartment above the garage while I saved money to build the house we live in now. Ross proposed to me in that little apartment and a little late we were married in the yard. I watched my girls play in the creek and have family dinners on the deck. So many memories and so many stories....


Before the keys were handed over I went back to the house. I couldn't go in - it was completely empty and it would of been creepy. So I said good-bye by exploring the property and some of my favorite places....
An address that will be embedding in my brain forever!
My mom and I planted this Crab-apple tree when we moved in. It was so tiny and now big and beautiful, right outside my childhood bedroom window. I still have dreams about that room. I only tried to sneak out once from those windows and got caught. Teenagers are so stupid!

Apple trees don't grow that great around here but my mom didn't care she planted this tree when my brother returned from Desert Storm. I wonder if it will ever have apples.....
I spent A LOT of time outside as a kid and we had 8 acres to play on. These rocks were close enough to the house but just far enough away, I used to have forts in the rocks finding pieces of plywood to put over the top. There were enough groupings that is was like a little village.
This was my tree fort.....the Juniper has gotten so big all that is left is the few rungs of wood. The only problem with this fort was all the pitch. But I remember fond times up there.....
Then there was my brother and the neighbor boy's tree house. I was NEVER allowed up there. They had a bit more complexity to their fort, I had a piece of wood rested between branches. I was tempted to go up there but not sure after all of these years how stable it is....
When my real dad was around we had horses....I loved my horse Dixie. The neighborhood girls and I would take our horses out bareback and race in the meadow after we got home from school.
I can still smell the hay and see my horse when I am in the barn.
The back side of the house by the yard.....I spent a lot of time photographing the flowers in my mom's yard when I was in college. I was the artist that did the pretty work not the social or political a lot of grief on that. I loved discovering what was blooming when I took my time to just be in the yard...I always found things mom didn't see.
This rose bush was from my Great Grandma's is like a weed with these beautiful little yellow roses..... Some of it came home with me and I hope will take root and grow in my garden. Ross thought I was crazy when I came home with garden trellises that were left behind and part of a rose bush. Mom was happy that I thought about it....she has put that house out of her mind.

She did SO much in that garden and it was becoming way too much work. After three years it is really run down with grass it almost doesn't look the definately doesn't have mom's touch!
Her greenhouse.....
Ross and got married in the gazebo....the there was a beautiful slate walkway that is now overgrown with grass.....we planted wildflowers all along the edges and placed the chairs in the flowers for our was so beautiful....
Well enough of memory lane.....reality I have a meeting at 2:00pm....

Have a great day!