Wrenly on a Tuesday...

Good afternoon... the past week has been full of drawing and inking the new collection. I am completely in love with it! Always feels good when that happens... But let's go back to Wrenly Christmas...

Do you remember making those paper chains in elementary school? I thought it would be fun to make them out of fabric....last longer, something the kids can still make with me and the fabric is perfect for it.

The amount of fabric you need will depend on the length of the chain.

Two fat 1/4's will yield - Approximately 28 strips that are 1 1/4" wide by 9" long. Once they are put together they will be approximately 72"

You will need a fusible to put in between the fat 1/4's plus enough for 28 1" x 1" pieces.

All you have to do to make this cute chain is fuse together two fat 1/4's.

Cut into 1 1/4" x 9" pieces.

To start the chain press a 1" piece of fusible web onto the inside end of the strip. Fold over and press the front of the other end onto the fusible. Wala...a chain....

Continue this process adding strips to the chain.

That's it...easy and fun. To add to the fun here is a recipe for my friend Vaunel's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies... We make these every year, my husbands favorite!!!


Download Chocolatechippumpkincookies and the download for your recipe box...

Well, back to designing....have a great day!



Wrenly's Christmas project Mitered Flange Pillows....

Friday was such a productive day for me.....getting a dress made for a photo shoot, quilting on a quilt, doing a post for Wrenly's Christmas.....going to a office party with my husband. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I didn't publish my Wrenly's Christmas......so here is Friday's post on Saturday.....


Sometimes all we need is a little redecorating to put us in the mood for the holidays. I have decided that changing the pillows is a perfect way to change a room.

I love the flange, mitered pillow because you can play with different fabrics. Doesn't Wrenly look like the perfect little birdy waiting for Christmas.....

I have a really simple pattern for the pillows that I thought I would share. Get a jump start on holiday decorating.

I hope you have a great weekend.....We have been dealing with a nasty fire around here. The smoke is horrible in the morning but tends to lift by the afternoon. At this point our shop is still on alert to evacuate if the fire gets much closer to town but the AMAZING fire crews up there are keeping it at bay. Unfortunatley this fire will be a problem until we get some really heavy rain or our first big snow storm. There is so much fuel inside the fire line that will just gradually burn. Our beautiful forrest! So sad....

Have a great day!


Wrenly's 12 days of Christmas....

Happy Friday!!!

A year ago I introduced Wrenly....my spring 2011 collection of fabric. She was a big hit and I thought that she would make great holiday fabric. This spring Wrenly arrived in Holiday fashion......I believe you can't have a great collection of Christmas fabric without great projects...

Since there are 12 Wrenly christmas prints I figured we needed to have the 12 days of Christmas....featuring Wrenly. Starting today....and continuing for the next 11 Friday's I will be sharing Christmas ideas, projects, decorating ideas, quilts (of course) and recipes! Along with that I will be collecting comments and giving away 12 bundles of the entire Wrenly's Christmas collection.....

Today I thought I would introduce you to the 12 patterns of Wrenly....


Wren - Pine


Wren - Snow


Ingrid - Pine


Ingrid - Snow


Wildfield - Pine

Wildfield - Cranberry

Rosette - Pine


Rosette - Snow

Rosette - Cranberry

BoHo Stripe - Pine


BoHo Stripe - Snow

BoHo Stripe - Cranberry

Now to show you a quilt that uses all 12 pieces. I do think they stand on their own quite well, of course depending on what you do with them. I just love how they all came together in this quilt - Christmas Rosalie...


Rosalie is a sewing card I introduced last spring.....with Cocoon on the cover. The pattern comes with both sizes of hexagons. The cover uses the bigger size and the Christmas quilt uses the smaller size. Both are beautiful!

Rosalie in Cocoon.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am off to get the cabin set up for our art retreat! YEAH!!!



Simply Made Summer......#3

Happy Friday!!! Another beautiful day in Sisters....I think Summer is finally here! Summer makes my weekends perfect....not stuck in the house when it is raining and cold. UUUGGGHHH!!! Summer keeps us outside...in the garden, on the deck just enjoying our lives!

But before we embrace the weekend how about a simple project to add color and style to your summer....Flange Edge Pillows. The pillows are only outside when I am or we are having company. I remake my covers once a year since having them outside fades the fabric..... I also change my fabric frequently since I have new designs out every six months.These are made out of Cocoon Cotton Linen...yummy to work with...




And now for the down loadable version.....there are two different pages. It is designed so that you can print one page out flip it over and print out the other page, trim if needed and fold in half for a card! Fun to give away with some fabric and a pillow form as a gift.

Download 5x7_FlangePillow-web-1

Download 5x7_FlangePillow-web-2

Now an update on the Summer Night Shawl with the knitted lace edge.....I had a lot of sitting around time last weekend when we worked the Rodeo Dance.....and I am excited to say the scarf is done! Made with Cocoon Voile...yummy! I am testing my knitting instructions on another shawl and then I will share the knitted lace edge pattern.

My only added touch will be to topstitch in around the edges about 3/4" in from the seam.

I think it will be nice....Next will be a wrap dress to go with the scarf that I can wear to a wedding in a couple of weeks....

Have a great weekend!





The Changing of the Bench....

The studio is a buzz of creativity as I am preparing for market. Sondy and Carolyn have been a big help getting all of the details worked out...

One of the elements in Wrenly's Place will be an old bench from the Stitchin' Post that I have painted and recovered....here is the changing of the bench! (PS most of the photos were taken with my iphone so not the best - please forgive me)

How it originally looked...

Lovley old fabric....now, as the fabric was removed this is what was found...

WOW, isn't that the 70's smacking in your face.....mom did such a great job covering this in a patchwork collection of cottons and velveteen's....

Look at this piece of fabric that we found behind the velveteen.....Carolyn thought that maybe as a kid I put it in the bench as she was recovering it...the fabric is from 1976. I would of been 3. Now, I can see Vivi sticking some sort of fabric in something I was working on, so it wouldn't surprise me if I did put the fabric in the bench. Mom doesn't remember...so we will never know.

Painted in turquoise....the old bench is taking on new life with the paint and my new home decorator fabric, Ingrid.

AAHHH, Sophie approved....that means I had to of done something right, those kitties can be pretty picky.

The bench sits in my studio now covered in cat hair but truly loved. I can't wait to see it in the booth.

Well, I'm off to the studio to get more done! Have a great day!!!