Peacock Pavilions...... oh my....


I have been working on my newest collection of fabric for fall...the designing phase and got so caught up yesterday that I forgot to post... good grief. At least it was because I was on a really good roll....Anyhow....

One of the things I loved about the way that Maryam  from Peacock Pavilions decorated was her ability to put all of us (12) at a table and it felt seamless...she layered her table cloths. Love the idea. (I am sure that for some of you this is old news :-) ) I don't have one long enough tablecloth for our table when the entire family is over so now I just layer three different cloths. I took two - 2 yard pieces of Mystic and stitched them around the edges like you would a pillow. Turned them right side out and pressed. Whipped stitched the opening and took my walking foot and ran some stitching to secure the two pieces of fabric. So easy... they wash well and they are two sided! Bonus!


Part of why I want to share this place with you is for the design that is incorporated into every aspect of this place....


The dining tent...


The stenciling on the tent... amazing.... the floor is covered in soft Berber rugs (no shoes allowed).


This is the main living area of the house we stayed in. There are two houses apart from the main house. These two houses are were the guest stay. The main house is the families living quarters, the kitchen and the main living communal area...




Artifacts from all over Africa adorn the well as kitties!






view from the roof top...


 The main house....


The property they own has a olive grove on it...the small batches of olive oil produced from their grove is really yummy.


And yes they do have peacocks....they used to roam free but they found that they had no disregard for interiors....and that is hard to get out of a Berber rug!!


Scout the resident lab!


The pool....




 The path from my house through the olive grove to the main house. They are called meditation paths because the stones are either a little too close together or a little too far apart in turn making you conscious of each and every step. I loved starting my morning walking this path being in the moment noticing the small delicate details of the ground cover and the olive trees.


Our crew....

Mystic Blue blog winner is Sarah M. (you have been emailed).... Thank you all for you wonderful comments.....I am so in love with blue, glad to know I am not alone!

This trip through the inspiration of Mystic is winding down... The last post will be on Monday.... I have some bundles of the entire collection to give away... Three to be exact! Leave a comment....See you then!



Color of the Week... Smoke






Smoke is a great neutral... I love mixing warm and cool together in prints as well as in quilts. You just can't have equal parts or they compete with each other. This is one of my favorite Blueprint fabrics because I have always loved Queen Anne's Lace. When I was young my Grandma Clara and I would go out and pick wild flowers to put in a flower press to dry and then make cards. The delicate Queen Anne's Lace was perfect for flower pressing. Such a happy childhood memory! 

What is your favorite neutral?











I am inspired to use some neutrals today...

Have a Great Day!



PS Remember to leave a comment to be entered into the pool for free Blueprint Basics fabric.... Thanks Robert Kaufman!!

Color of the Week.... Sunkissed

Sunkissed.....reminds me of many beautiful yellow flowers. The Sunflower is one of my all time favorite flowers...I love to grow them in my yard and watch my girls pick the seeds and re-plant them. To see a new sunflower grow. Yellow is so happy, it can brighten your day, make you smile. Its no wonder more people are happy when the sun is out.

More bundle winners shipping tomorrow.... remember to make a comment and you will entered into the drawing.... I plan on giving away fabric for the entire year....
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I am so excited to give away fabric and inspire your life with color!
Have a Great Sunkissed day!

Novella Booth at International Quilt Market in Houston, TX...

Well, thank god the election is over! I am so tired of the ads and all of the "shit" being said back and forth. I am happy that Obama won I just hope that he can listen and honestly try to bridge the gap between parties and make a difference in the next four years.....done with my opinion....

How about some pics from market.....

There is a lot going on in the is a booth that asks you to take a minute and look! Well, at least I hope so....













AAHHH... I wish I had more. I tend to get so caught up at market I forget to get good shots of the booth. But not to worry we are putting the booth up at the shop! So put so much into a booth and for it to only be available to view for 3 days is just sad. I am lucky to be able to set it up in our shop.

On another note I am happy to announce after a long, long, long time in the works my new web site is up and running I now have a shopping cart and everything! Too exciting.... Over the next couple of months I will be having specials on orders to celebrate!!! Keep your eye out on the blog, facebook (Valori Wells Designs page), instagram (@valoriwells) and twitter (@valoriwells).....

Have a great day!!!




PS I have not forgotten about Wrenly....she just had to take a step back while Novella was front and center.....

The end of May....

As this month comes to a close - honestly I can't believe that it is almost June...almost Quilt Show in July. Wait I have to remember not to get a head of myself....there is still a lot of fun to come about in June. June 1st I am starting "Simply Made Summer".....every Friday for 12 weeks I will post some great projects, recipes and free downloads...might even be some giveaways!!

My goal to do a pic everyday and post everyday has somewhat fallen....I do take the pics but just don't get to posting as much...... I thought I would share some pics from market. It was a great time!!! Coming home is always good......the kids were excited to see me as was my husband! The morning after I got home I was up with Teague early and we were in the kitchen listening to music. The song Kandi by One Eskimo came on and he puts his sippy cup down on the floor and stretches out his hand to me to dance with him. My heart melted! What a sweet little boy he is....such a mamma's boy! (I love it)

Ok Pics from Quilt Market!




The beautiful Amy Butler....Love that girl!


waiting for take down.....there is always a lot of hurry up and wait! Of course as I look through these few images I realize I need to take more....Have to remember that for Houston when "Novella" comes out.

Have a great weekend!




A photo a day in May.....

I am a big fan of Instagram and while I was looking through it this weekend I saw a friend of mine - HappyZombie - was doing A photo a day in May..... I figured I can do that. Especially since I take at least one photo a day... SO here is my start....

May 1, 2012

Ross and I were celebrating sending off the crate for market...... and look we found a wine called Novella. Which happens to be the name of my fall collection of fabric. Yummy!


May 2, 2012

My new belt buckles.....yeah!


May 3, 2012

New purse that I knitted and am putting handles on....


May 4, 2012

A pretty tree beginning to bloom....on my way to surgery.


May 5, 2012

Knitting while on pain killers....not too bad.


May 6, 2012

After Teagues escape from his nap yesterday we modified the crib to a big boy bed. He fell out this morning but should get the hang of it soon.

Today the photo has not been taken..... will come later.