Highlighter Rocks with Sunflowers & Lemons

Happy Friday!

This week really flew by...Quilt Con is just around the corner and I am just about ready to go. A few more bundles to fold this weekend. Today I wanted to share with you my Highlighter Rocks with Sunflowers & Lemons Quilt.

Highlighter is Kona Cottons Color of the Year!


I found photographs a huge inspiration for my Highlighter quilt since the color was so hard for me to grasp. It makes me pucker and smile at the same time. By looking for photographs that used that color it started me thinking about palettes to play with. I came across an abstract painting with yellows and grays, drawings of lemons, sunflowers and yellow doors.






These photos inspired the palette and then I began playing with ideas for design. I carry an embroidered pouch with me full of colorful rocks and it got me started on the “rock” idea for the quilt. Rocks of course, because they are gray and that was a part of the palette. Inspiration can come from so many different things and when all those little bits come together a quilt design emerges. Next came pulling together the gray rocks and the yellow stripped background to give the quilt subtle lines and movement - similar to the color essence in the abstract paintings. The goal was to balance out the intensity of Highlighter but still make it the dominate color of the quilt. The top is just part of the quilt, quilting can stand out or blend in depending on your motif and color of thread. I wanted a little of both because I just had to quilt sunflowers and lemons.










This is a free pattern at Robert Kaufman...soon! Like in the next week they will have it up to download.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments about Mystic and all the blogs that I did this last month about Morocco. I loved getting to share all of it with you.

Have a great weekend!!



PS The 3 bundle winners have been emailed.....



The Souks of Marrakesh...

The Souks....

A combination the entire Mystic collection and Kona Cottons.....


The Souks is the open air marketplace in the medina (center)  of Marrakesh.... it is a maze of tiny stalls and vendors with every possible product you could need....I barely touched the surface of the Souks and was a little confused as to where I was but after a couple of visits I was able to find my way around. It is one of the most interesting aspects to the city...people watching...smells.... colors.... textures.... sounds...it hits every sense and then some. The souks may seem confusing but they are very well organized by product.... dyers area, food, leather, etc. The strips in the design of the quilt connect to each other in some places but not quite in others creating a maze sort of feel but yet it is very organized it felt like the Souks.


My quilting is a maze of quilting to showcase the Souks....


Here are a few of my favorite images from the Souks....
















IMG_3234 1


This would be one of my favorites!!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my trip to Morocco....the trip changed my life and I am so very grateful!!! 

Last weeks bundle winner.... Jenny (you have been emailed)!

Ok - I have three fat 1/4 bundles of the entire collection of Mystic.... leave a comment and next week I will announce the winners!!!

Have a great week!!





Happy Friday!!!

I wanted to share with you my Gypsum Quilt made out of the black and white palette of Mystic, for Robert Kaufman.


Gypsum was inspired by the Berber Rugs in Morocco and the gep carvings throughout the architecture in Marrakesh. Geps are the carved plasterwork used for upper wall, ceilings, tops of pillars, arches, or peaks... they can be ribbons framing windows and doors. I first saw geps in the Riad Idra in Marrakesh.





I love the Berber rugs... and what is surprising to me is how few photos I have of them. They are very simple and usually geometric, two color designs. The rug designs mixed with the stenciling at the Peacock Pavilions, I was bound to be inspired to do a black and white color way of Mystic and a quilt.




My room at Peacock Pavilions was even neutral....

Once this quilt was done I decided to quilt the Hand of Fatima mixed with designs reminiscent of the geps.

Mayram has an amazing collection of Hands of Fatima at Peacock Pavilions.







I love how the quilting turned out....


So does Ollie....

I have to share a few more images from Morocco that inspired the black and white palette in Mystic.




I hope you enjoyed the inspirational journey of Gypsum. The pattern for Gypsum will be available through The Stitchin' Post this month. I will keep you updated.

The winner from the Kantha Stitching blog post is... Solange (you have been emailed).

As with each quilt and project I share of Mystic there will be a bundle of fabric to win. Leave a comment to be entered... I will announce winner on Tuesday.

Hope you have an Awesome weekend....



OH... One more really important thing. My good friend Amy has her newest Blossom Magazine Live... If you want to be inspired...find some love....some meaning... go check it out. Our trip to Morocco is in there and the exciting announcement that there is a new Morocco Artist Retreat in November 2016... and I am going to be teaching with Amy.....




Flying Carpet

Happy Saturday....

This is Flying Carpet, one of the four quilts made out of Mystic Fabric, for Robert Kaufman.


Flying Carpet was inspired by the rugs and carpets in Morocco.

IMG_3181 1


The variety of styles and colors were amazing....each style representing a tribe or area in Morocco.




No rug was exactly the same because they were usually made by one woman - their skills passed down from generation to generation and no pattern is used just their knowledge. I loved that you could see two rugs from the same village with similar patterns still be very different.


I had to include this cute little guy. Kitties are well revered in Morocco... they take care of the rodents since most of the markets and homes are open air. You will find them everywhere.... I was in heaven.

IMG_3176 1



In honor of Flying Carpet I am giving away a fat 1/4 bundle of the "extract" palette....just leave a comment below and the winner will be chosen on Monday. My manor of choosing winners is not scientific, I collect the number of comments (say 35) and write them on little pieces of paper and let one of the kids draw. So it really is quite random. Don't worry this isn't your only chance to win....I will be giving away a bundle of fabric with each quilt.

Hope you have a great weekend!



The flying carpet pattern will be available mid January from The Stitchin' Post.

Interrupting the silence...

I am interrupting the recent silence on my blog (haha) to talk about a friend of mine’s new book. I am very lucky to be friends with some amazing people in our industry and Sarah Filke is one of them. Sarah is a resident of Australia. She came and taught at Quilter’s Affair last summer and was given rave reviews from her students.

I am excited to share with you her new book… Old Quilts, New Life



In this book Sarah selected 9 quilts from the American Folk Art Museum in New York and used them as the inspiration for her 18 quilts. She asked me if I had a favorite antique quilt that I would like to share…. Why yes I do!


I love this quilt! The contrasting fabric used in the chevrons intrigued me. I loved the varying widths of the rows and how the fabrics were all over the place but the way they are arranged made the quilt work. (I was privileged to see it in person at the Houston International Quilt Show in the Kaffe Fassett showcase.) I was so inspired by this quilt and my recent collection of fabric Mystic, inspired by Morocco, that I had to make something.

My something is this….


The Souks

The souks are the market place in the center of Marrakesh that I enjoyed winding through, finding treasures and seeing the craftsmen at work. The colors are vivid and the smell at times intense but so full of life I found myself sucked into a magical place.

The antique chevron quilt was a maze of color but yet felt organized…. That is the Souks!

Stay tuned for more about the Souks of Marrakesh and the new Mystic fabric!



Ashton Road Candy Picnic...


Ashton Road was released the end of July....for my collections to release complete I like to do a "look book" for the salesmen and women to show to shop owners when they show the fabric for the first time. The look book is full of inspirational photographs and projects. Some of the projects are free pattern downloads and others are recreated Sewing Cards. I try to come up with a theme for the photo-shoot that reflects what the fabric means to me. To get the look book to Robert Kaufman in time I receive sample yardage about 4 to 6 weeks before my deadline. That being said I try to be really prepared for the projects that need to be made and the photo-shoot. I received Ashton Road in the beginning of June. In the images below you will see all the work that goes into getting ready for a release. I have some of the most wonderful staff at the Stitchin' Post and friends that help me with all the sewing and pattern writing as well as the photo-shoots. I could not do it without them!

For Ashton Road the photos-hoot had to be with the kids....it had to be outside on a summer day. The colors in the fabric remind me of candy so we created a "candy picnic" for the kiddos. Two of my good friends helped me with the shoot. We each had cameras - perfect for three kids! It was the best day and one of the funnest photo-shoots I have ever done. The images are priceless and really express the happiness and love that created Ashton Road.


The Round-table...



My Tent...




Playtime Treehouse Quilt (free download).... made out of the flannel.








Vivi loves her Cruzin' Everyday Skirt....(new sewing card)

Bloglivskirt (1)


The Everyday Skirt pattern will be released at Fall Quilt Market.



Playtime Bikes.... out of the cotton sheeting. (free pattern download)




Urban Baby Quilt... (free pattern download) Flannel...





Three Times Around... (free pattern download) Cotton Sheeting...




This quilt is adapted from one of my patterns - The Zoey Throw.

That was our day.... lots of laughing... lots of sugar and LOTS of great photos!!!


This is my other new pattern coming out at Quilt Market, Diamond Lane.

I am doing the final touches for Quilt Market next weekend....My booth will be featuring Ashton Road... Photos to come....

Hope you have a great day!!!

Enjoy those little things in your life.... like laughing kids with lolipops!!!



PS We are working on getting all of the Ashton Road free patterns up for download by the end of Ocotber.




Portland Market....

Back from market and finally feeling like I have caught up....well, at least on the market stuff now onto the next deadlines. I am reminded that I don't like to be bored so new projects are always good. Keeps the creative juices flowing.

Before the new projects how about some photos from my booth at market?! WISH!

I love a corner booth...it is open and very inviting...



I wrapped twigs with Wish fabric and hung little wish birds and the lyrics of Jena's song on the branches. The old (working) typewriter was available for folks to type their wishes...



Here is the little wish bird pattern for you to make your own birdie! Download Little Birdback

A jar of wishes from my friends at market...

I also had all the wishes from my friends and family that make up the Wishing Tree print.

The new Jillie Wrap skirt and Amelia Shawl...

My Wish chairs and knitted pillows.....

Close-up of the other pillow.... pattern to come soon!!


Wish Bird....

I love my birdie vase...perfect for a peony....



Can't end without some beautiful Peony photos.... I could take photos of these flowers forever and ever and ever!!!!

Thanks to all the great peeps that visited me at market! Makes me feel great to see all the wonderful smiles and get all of the great hugs!

Have a great day!!!




Wrenly's Christmas project Mitered Flange Pillows....

Friday was such a productive day for me.....getting a dress made for a photo shoot, quilting on a quilt, doing a post for Wrenly's Christmas.....going to a office party with my husband. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I didn't publish my Wrenly's Christmas......so here is Friday's post on Saturday.....


Sometimes all we need is a little redecorating to put us in the mood for the holidays. I have decided that changing the pillows is a perfect way to change a room.

I love the flange, mitered pillow because you can play with different fabrics. Doesn't Wrenly look like the perfect little birdy waiting for Christmas.....

I have a really simple pattern for the pillows that I thought I would share. Get a jump start on holiday decorating.

I hope you have a great weekend.....We have been dealing with a nasty fire around here. The smoke is horrible in the morning but tends to lift by the afternoon. At this point our shop is still on alert to evacuate if the fire gets much closer to town but the AMAZING fire crews up there are keeping it at bay. Unfortunatley this fire will be a problem until we get some really heavy rain or our first big snow storm. There is so much fuel inside the fire line that will just gradually burn. Our beautiful forrest! So sad....

Have a great day!


Wrenly's 12 days of Christmas....

Happy Friday!!!

A year ago I introduced Wrenly....my spring 2011 collection of fabric. She was a big hit and I thought that she would make great holiday fabric. This spring Wrenly arrived in Holiday fashion......I believe you can't have a great collection of Christmas fabric without great projects...

Since there are 12 Wrenly christmas prints I figured we needed to have the 12 days of Christmas....featuring Wrenly. Starting today....and continuing for the next 11 Friday's I will be sharing Christmas ideas, projects, decorating ideas, quilts (of course) and recipes! Along with that I will be collecting comments and giving away 12 bundles of the entire Wrenly's Christmas collection.....

Today I thought I would introduce you to the 12 patterns of Wrenly....


Wren - Pine


Wren - Snow


Ingrid - Pine


Ingrid - Snow


Wildfield - Pine

Wildfield - Cranberry

Rosette - Pine


Rosette - Snow

Rosette - Cranberry

BoHo Stripe - Pine


BoHo Stripe - Snow

BoHo Stripe - Cranberry

Now to show you a quilt that uses all 12 pieces. I do think they stand on their own quite well, of course depending on what you do with them. I just love how they all came together in this quilt - Christmas Rosalie...


Rosalie is a sewing card I introduced last spring.....with Cocoon on the cover. The pattern comes with both sizes of hexagons. The cover uses the bigger size and the Christmas quilt uses the smaller size. Both are beautiful!

Rosalie in Cocoon.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am off to get the cabin set up for our art retreat! YEAH!!!



Simply Made Summer....the end of July!

Good Morning.....we are getting ready to head out for a little family vacation but I had to share a fun pattern for the perfect picnic.

Skye....I made this quilt out of voile, cotton and then I made it into a picnic blanket.

I love it out of the voile...it is so soft yet cool.....perfect for a summer evening.

Here is the pattern for you to download and share.....

Download Skye_web

Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

We are hitting the road!



Simply Made Summer from the Oregon Coast....

Hello all.....enjoying a little vacation from the hub bub at the beach with my family...It was wonderful weather the last two days and today is a little wet and cloudy. Typical Oregon Coast.....

We make an annual trip to the beach in between Rodeo and Quilt Show.....kind of a mental break for all of us. We are just missing my brother's family but they went to Hawaii instead. Yeah, don't feel bad for him at all!!!!

So, this week I wanted to share my Rosalie quilt.....it is a Hexagon quilt (my mom tells me that hexagons are really big right now). The best part o the sewing card is that there are two sizes with the same layout but just different size hexagons. You can make a queen or a throw.


This is the queen version using all of the Cocoon cottons..... I love the way it turned out.

I was out shooting some quilts for our summer postcard and I had to take Rosalie.....

Such a perfect spot to take photos.....it is SO Sisters.

To go with this beautiful quilt......a easy project for anyone - fabric gift box!

So easy to  make......


This will give you the instructions and one of the box templates....the download will have the full size template in two different sizes. Perfect hostess gift for the summer party. Download FabricGiftBoxes-web-1   Download FabricGiftBoxes-web-2

I like the inside of my box to be interesting also, so I printed on the inside.....you can stamp or put another piece of fabric on the inside.

Well off to hang with the family on this rainy beach day.....




Simply Made Summer......#3

Happy Friday!!! Another beautiful day in Sisters....I think Summer is finally here! Summer makes my weekends perfect....not stuck in the house when it is raining and cold. UUUGGGHHH!!! Summer keeps us outside...in the garden, on the deck just enjoying our lives!

But before we embrace the weekend how about a simple project to add color and style to your summer....Flange Edge Pillows. The pillows are only outside when I am or we are having company. I remake my covers once a year since having them outside fades the fabric..... I also change my fabric frequently since I have new designs out every six months.These are made out of Cocoon Cotton Linen...yummy to work with...




And now for the down loadable version.....there are two different pages. It is designed so that you can print one page out flip it over and print out the other page, trim if needed and fold in half for a card! Fun to give away with some fabric and a pillow form as a gift.

Download 5x7_FlangePillow-web-1

Download 5x7_FlangePillow-web-2

Now an update on the Summer Night Shawl with the knitted lace edge.....I had a lot of sitting around time last weekend when we worked the Rodeo Dance.....and I am excited to say the scarf is done! Made with Cocoon Voile...yummy! I am testing my knitting instructions on another shawl and then I will share the knitted lace edge pattern.

My only added touch will be to topstitch in around the edges about 3/4" in from the seam.

I think it will be nice....Next will be a wrap dress to go with the scarf that I can wear to a wedding in a couple of weeks....

Have a great weekend!





Simply Made Summer.......

Happy June!!! It is a beautiful day here in Sisters, the sun is out it is going to be 80 today....can't wait to get into the garden.

This is the first day of Simply Made Summer a series of postings full of projects, recipes and ideas for a great summer!

My new skirt pattern Fina is a perfect summer skirt.....I made it out of the Cocoon Linen and I am in the process of making one out of the Cocoon Voile. I think it will be so soft and yummy as it gets into the heart of summer. For the Fina photo shoot I made skirts for all of the girls and we went out to the meadow. It was a cold spring day but they were awesome.

We had fun....

And the final cover photos is.....

Now once you have a beautiful skirt your going to need to reward yourself with something yummy.... how about some Sangria!!!!  Download SummerRedSangria

Enjoy!!!! Have a great Day!!!




I have been meaning to tell you that Jenaveve has hit the shop!!! Yeah, we have it in the store ready to go to a good home....I also finished up a small pattern booklet to go with the fabric. We are trying to keep as much local as we can and support our community and I have to say it paid off our printer did such a great job on the booklet! Very exciting.....

Now in the lovely booklet are these projects....

The Anya bag....LOVE this bag my girlfriend Jules has made so many of these for friends it is amazing. Very simple yet gratifying....can't go wrong with a project like that!

Luna Quilt, fun, simple and perfect for a day out and about with the family.

And pillows - you can't have a quilt without good pillows. As I looked at my couch the other day and the pillows have been worn out by the kids I realize I need to make new pillows for the couch. With little kids I have decided that you can't just make pillows out of the quilting weight cotton you have to have something more durable. The next set to hit the Kennedy couch will be out of cotton linen or home decorator weight goods. Nothing like a sturdy pillow for a good pillow fight.....

I thought that I would also show you the swatches of Jenaveve to tempt you.....
















There you go my friends!! I want to spend some time making something for myself but I know my sample yardage for Wrenly is going to arrive shortly and my studio needs a cleaning. Studio cleaning seems to be normal in my world....I get so busy I can't seem to keep it clean. I have decided that I am going to totally re-arrange the studio and DEEP clean.....hope to get some help on the best way to re-arrange from Miss Carolyn. She has such a good eye and I know she will be able to help me come up with a more efficient set up. So many things to do and so little time.....

Happy Day!!!



Windy photoshot...

Carolyn and I had another photoshot on Friady. It was sunny but really windy with a bitter chill. We did gat some great photos. Now I am just getting everything together to send off to the printer.
Have a great Sunday!!

Windy photoshot...


Yep, I have been MIA for the past three-ish weeks.....fabric deadline. But it is off in the mail - YEAH! and I am able to breath a bit an move onto the next adventure. I am not sure why I get so self absorbed when I have these deadlines it is not like I don't know they are coming....it just seems like before I know it I only have a couple of weeks to finish. Maybe there is something about the pressure of a deadline that lights a  fire under my butt!! Anyway.....with the little man around it does take me a bit longer to get things done. All the nursing and changing and such.....right now he is just so cute with his smiling and cooing. I just want to play with him.

So we finally have the Lucy and Logan patterns in house......


They turned out so cute. I gave one to my niece, Sammy, for Christmas and my brother sent me a video the other day of her playing with it.....so cute. Makes me happy to know that she likes her Lucy.

Well, I have a hungry little man so I must go......more creative things to come!