Portland Market....

Back from market and finally feeling like I have caught up....well, at least on the market stuff now onto the next deadlines. I am reminded that I don't like to be bored so new projects are always good. Keeps the creative juices flowing.

Before the new projects how about some photos from my booth at market?! WISH!

I love a corner booth...it is open and very inviting...



I wrapped twigs with Wish fabric and hung little wish birds and the lyrics of Jena's song on the branches. The old (working) typewriter was available for folks to type their wishes...



Here is the little wish bird pattern for you to make your own birdie! Download Little Birdback

A jar of wishes from my friends at market...

I also had all the wishes from my friends and family that make up the Wishing Tree print.

The new Jillie Wrap skirt and Amelia Shawl...

My Wish chairs and knitted pillows.....

Close-up of the other pillow.... pattern to come soon!!


Wish Bird....

I love my birdie vase...perfect for a peony....



Can't end without some beautiful Peony photos.... I could take photos of these flowers forever and ever and ever!!!!

Thanks to all the great peeps that visited me at market! Makes me feel great to see all the wonderful smiles and get all of the great hugs!

Have a great day!!!




Off to market....

We are heading to Portland tomorrow for market. If anyone comes to the show come by my booth 2254. I would love to meet you.

I wanted to share a couple more bits from Wish....

Living in Sisters we are so blessed to be surrounded by talented people who love to collaborate. My friend Jena is a musician and when I told her about Wish she asked if she could write a song about it. It is being put together as we speak and will be going on her new album. So exciting and flattering. As soon as I have the song available to me I will post so you all can hear this talented girl.... in the mean time here is her blog Cabin Time Sessions.

She was kind enough to give me the lyrics.... So beautiful!


This is the quilt Wish.... it uses a designer 2 1/2" roll from Free Spirit but you could also make it with fat 1/4's or 1/4 yards. It is a free pattern download. Download WishFreePattern_web

I will be taking lots of photos of my booth and market. You can always find my recent photos on my Valori Wells Designs facebook page or @valoriwells on Instagram and Twitter....hope to see you there.

I have to finish packing....




Wish Patterns...

Happy Saturday....

We have a huge lacrosse tournament in town this weekend and my oldest has two games today. It is amazing to me that she is 7 and we are already this busy with sports....can't imagine what is going to happen when all three are in sports. Before I head out I thought I would share some Wish projects...

When I have  new collection of fabric released I always make patterns - sewing cards or clothing - to give you ideas on ways to use the fabric. One of the most important things is that what I create can also be translated into other fabrics.... making the pattern useful for shops and customers alike for a longer period of time than just the life of the fabric. It is sad that a fabrics lifespan on average is 6 to 9 months. There are times that if it is really popular it will last a year.

Several years ago when I introduced my Wrenly collection I made a twin size quilt out of the voile called Betsy. It uses big pieces of fabrics that in turn make a quick quilt to piece. I thought it was a perfect "off to college quilt" and out of voile it is so soft and cuddly. I re-created Betsy out of Wish voile...

The original...

Wish version....


One of the other patterns that I recreated was the Lanie Dress....LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. Originally I made it out of Novella rayon...which flows beautifuly.

For Wish I made it out of the Knit...talk about comfortable...


The knit is so amazing to work with I had to take the two Girlfriend patterns that I had done out of Karavan knit and make them out of Wish....

The Original Sondy...


The New Sondy...


The Original Isabelle....


The new Isabelle...


Since Wish is such a special collection to me and it connects me to my favorite people I had to make Wish Birds for my booth and for my friends....

I do love re-creating patterns but I also have lots of ideas for new patterns....

I did four new patterns for this season. First is the Jillie wrap skirt...


This skirt is so quick and easy to make and is very flattering. I LOVE maxi skirts and dresses so this skirt is long. I have made it out of knit, voile and rayon. They all have different qualities of drape and coziness.

The next is the Amelia Shawl...

This awesome shawl is a big rectangle that has buttons along both edges to create sleeves....I love to knit so I included a knit version in the pattern. When the Amelia Shawl is made out of the voile it is the perfect summer cover up.

Pockets of Wishes is a small wall hanging created with pockets for "wishes" or dreams, kids drawings, etc.

All of the pieces are top stitched onto a background rather than pieced.

The last pattern is my favorite by far....Trinity spent a lot if time in my head before I was able to create what I saw. I just love how the variety of creams and whites in the background create a great texture as well as the different substrates that I used; linen, cotton and embossed fabrics.

This card is not a beginner sewing card it is more of an intermediate technique card. I show you how to make the strips and cut them into triangles free form so your quit will be your own not exactly like mine.  I enjoyed it so much I am going to be doing more of these technique cards to go with the beginner cards.


I am being called to head to the lacrosse game.... Have a great day! More Wish projects and inspiration to come....




At last I am ready for market and have a few minutes to breath. Although my studio looks like a bomb went off and is calling me to clean I am avoiding it and blogging instead. It doesn't matter what good intentions I have to keep my studio clean while I am getting ready for market I never can. It really annoys my mom... she always offers to come help me clean. Honestly, you really can't have anyone clean your studio. I have hard enough time remembering where I put things.

Wish... my new collection. That has just arrived in the Stitchin' Post..... YEAH!!!

First, I want to tell you how the collection came about....The beginning of fabric collections come to me at odd times and from random places, Wish started with a tree. I live in such a beautiful part of the county full of trees, I have always had a passion for them. As the idea stewed around in my brian I started thinking about the life of trees, their roots that ground them, the leaves or needles, that come back every year, the bark that protects them, the strength of a tree in a storm. All of this combined with the thoughts of my friends and family and their roots, love, dreams, strength, and wishes. I decided that it would be beautiful to create a tree in which the branches are words.... this idea became, "what about wishes...." then, "what about my friends and families wishes". I sent out letters to my close friends and family asking them to send me a wish that they had... write it on a piece of paper that then I would incorporate into my Wishing Tree. I wanted the wishes to come from all ages, the youngest wish came from my son, he was 2 at the time and the oldest was a friend in their 70's. It was so amazing to get the wishes in the mail and see what the people I love wished for.

As I was drawing the tree I thought about putting it into the computer and typing the wishes but having them hand written was more personal and organic. It was truly a drawing of love and hope....

Wishing Tree.Tolerance.web
There are three colorways.... This is Patience...

Wishing Tree.Inspire.web
This is Strength...

Wishing Tree.Courage.blog

This is Courage....

From the Wishing Tree the other designs seemed to just happen. Not sure why or from where. A lot of times it is when I was working on the tree that I would think of something that would just be perfect. But then one of the ideas came when I was working out in the gym. Go figure, you can't fight creativity and inspiration.

This print is called Treasure....it is the beautiful and delicate cherry blossoms. There was a quote that I found and wrote in my sketch book  (don't know who wrote it but it was not me but I do love it)...

"Petals falling to the ground represent the fragile life we live. How brief our existence is. Out inevitable downward spiral as we come to the end of our life but also shows that once upon a time things were beautiful and still are despite the years gone by."




Autumn was inspired by leaves....their bright green in the spring and brilliant colors of fall. How the seasons are so short yet full of beauty.




Gladys was oddly enough inspired by a beautiful cork lamp shade. I loved the design that came through the light, it bits and pieces.... I had done a sketch before I had started the collection of the lamp shade and one night when I was going through the sketch book I came across it. For some reason it just seemed perfect for the Wish collection.




Everlasting is reminiscent of the rings in a tree.... connected yet tell a story of each year.




The last print is Andy.... Andy was inspired when I was in the gym. I was working out with one of my girlfriends and she had this cool top on with this design the started with a center grew out and yet connected back to the original design. It is kind of hard to explain but there was something about the center and the connection that I went home and started drawing. Andy is what I came up with.... the motifs are elements of the other designs but find their own structure and then connect again.




These are all cottons and then I translated some of the designs into Cotton Voile and Jersey Knit...

I Loved the way the Andy print turned out but felt it was too big for voile and knit so I tweaked the size and the colors a bit...


Patience... in Voile and Knit

Strength in Knit

Strength in Voile

Courage in Voile and Knit...

The Everlasting print is also in Knit and Treasure is in Voile. Of course I had to make lots of things out of this fabric....new patterns, old patterns created with new fabric and a wonderful photo shoot with some beautiful friends.....and that I will share tomorrow....

I will say good day with a sneak peak...