Inspired by.... Clouds

May in Sisters, Oregon... rainy (which we are all very, very, very, happy about since our winter was extremely dry) and full of great clouds. May is also a busy time for me. I just returned from Quilt Market and we are 6 weeks away from Quilter's Affair and Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show....OMG how does that happen so fast? Reminding myself to breathe and enjoy the excitement of preparing to celebrate 40 years of quilt show.... and this weekend is the shop's 40th birthday party....all of these things will happen only once and I have to remember to be there..... 

The Clouds this time of year really speak to me... oddly enough keeping me grounded and in the moment.



Living on a canyon we get really amazing fog...




and then this happens....




Oregon Coast has fabulous clouds...


Who doesn't photograph clouds when your flying?



I couldn't show photos of clouds without some from Morocco.....




A sunset on the roof top of Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh, Morocco! When I see this image I can remember the smell of the air, giggling with Louise as we ran out of the main house to the roof top to capture this amazing sunset... trying not to mess up the Henna tattoos we had just received...

Isn't this why we love photographs so much...

Have a great day!




Color of the week....Cinnamon







I love cinnamon in my Americano first thing in the very yummy! Besides the lovely flavor there is the smell of cinnamon and the color.....I find brown and brownish fabrics are hard to find...especially ones with a variety of shades in one print. I wanted my Cinnamon to have the depth of the spice in color...












We have been so busy around here with our Quilter's Affair Classes and the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on Saturday...lots of fun and lots of work but worth every second to get to be with all of these wonderful people - men and women, mothers and daughters...and grandmothers, best friends, old friends... it is such a special event and since I was a year and a half when all of this started I can't imagine my life without it! THANK YOU to everyone who has ever come to our classes or the show or even just put a quilt in the show you have touched my life in ways I can't describe!



Picnic in the Park....part 2....

Hello......back from vacation! Wow a fun trip but I am tired.....why does that have to happen? I am happy to have the house and studio to myself! It is quiet no one needs anything from me and I can catch up...think a little!

Now back to the Picnic in the Park......after the showing of the Employee challenge quilts we were ready for the main event! The FOLK ART CHICKS.......

Gwen Marston, Sue Spargo, and Tonye Phillips......


The little helper.....


The Chicks did great....and all of their quilts are beautiful!
I love this quilt that one of our wonderful quilters made out of past t-shirts! Too cool!

Have a great day!



Picnic in the Park.....part 1....


Today is my brother and I's birthday, Jason is 43 and I am 39.....yep same birthday! It is a great day.....on this beautiful July day I thought I would start my series of images from the Picnic in the Park, Quilt Show and Save it for Sunday events! Three awesome events.....

The Picnic in the Park is the last event of the week of Quilter's Affair is followed by an outdoor lecture. This year our featured lecture is from the Folk Art Chicks....Gwen Marston, Sue Spargo, and Tonye Phillips......But I wil start with a few fun pics and our traditional showing of the Employee Challenge Quilts.  This year's theme was Pieceful Village or something similar to that.....


Aunt June, Mom and I.....can you tell we are all related! Except my dorky smile.....

Music from our talented kids from Sisters!

Three tired but happy teachers.....Alethea Ballard, Emily Cier and Scott Hanson.....all vergins to Quilter's Affair and Quilt Show......

Mom and Vivi.....

The diners.....

The Chicks getting ready for their lecture!

Quilt Holders for the event....Lawry and Mindi - mother and daughter, Lawry has worked for my mom since Mindi and I were 7, & Colleen Blackwood - teacher and family friend.

My hubby and Rob Appell - our surfer boy teacher and good friend!

Let the Employee Challenge begin.....this is mom's quilt - she had the grandkids draw houses and she used them for templates then the kids picked the fabrics they wanted their houses made out of....too cute! She is so clever!

Quilts from our amazingly talented staff at the Stitchin' Post!! They did such an amazing job.....

Next on Picnic in the Park.....part 2, The Folk Art CHICKS!!!!!