Inspired by.... Clouds

May in Sisters, Oregon... rainy (which we are all very, very, very, happy about since our winter was extremely dry) and full of great clouds. May is also a busy time for me. I just returned from Quilt Market and we are 6 weeks away from Quilter's Affair and Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show....OMG how does that happen so fast? Reminding myself to breathe and enjoy the excitement of preparing to celebrate 40 years of quilt show.... and this weekend is the shop's 40th birthday party....all of these things will happen only once and I have to remember to be there..... 

The Clouds this time of year really speak to me... oddly enough keeping me grounded and in the moment.



Living on a canyon we get really amazing fog...




and then this happens....




Oregon Coast has fabulous clouds...


Who doesn't photograph clouds when your flying?



I couldn't show photos of clouds without some from Morocco.....




A sunset on the roof top of Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh, Morocco! When I see this image I can remember the smell of the air, giggling with Louise as we ran out of the main house to the roof top to capture this amazing sunset... trying not to mess up the Henna tattoos we had just received...

Isn't this why we love photographs so much...

Have a great day!




Color of the Week... Sundance




Sundance is one of those funky neutrals that can really make colors pop. It is a yellow, cream, & beige mixed together in different per-portions. It is kind of a dirty color, kind of tea-dyed, but sometimes you need something not quite pretty but useful.



I like how the "sundance" in this photo really makes the green in the background stand out.







You can't have Sundance without the sun dancing through the trees showing us a new side of a leaf... even though it isn't exactly the color...

Next week is the close of Summer Blueprint Basics and we are heading into Autumn...

I have some yummy Summer bundles to give away to say good-bye to summer.

Tell me your favorite color of summer to be entered to win (it doens't have to be Blueprint Basics just your favorite summertime color).

Have a great day!



A time of Thanks....

The holidays are fast approaching and my FAVORITE holiday is this week, Thanksgiving! Food, family, laughter, wine, food, family.... you get the picture. There are no expectations just to be together, at least that is how I approach it.

I thought I would share some of my images of thanks...... IMG_4180
I am thankful for this man.... we just spent a wonderful vacation celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Mexico. It was a well needed rest and re-group. And I fell in love again....even more so than when we go married. Funny how that happens in the chaos of life, work, kids and marriage.


These beautiful babes...all silly and all mine!


Mother Nature and her endless supply of inspiration...

IMG_4187 work... I truly love what I do!






Laughter..... silliness!


Learning to let go....


This woman.... my mom!


Clouds... And Sunsets....



Thank you for being a part of my life.....



The sanity beach trip....

Ross and I recently spent a long - well needed - weekend at the beach...just us! It was lovely....sleep in, stay up late (at least 10) do what we want to do. We did chat about the kids a lot. Seems like that is our M.O. get a chance to be alone together and talk about the babes! Great to be away but miss them all the same.

The trip started out with a long drive over the freshly packed snow on the passenger I got to do some drive-by shooting.

It was beautiful! So amazing to see the transformation of the forest from color to almost black and white.

We spent the afternoon in Portland, a nice lunch a little shopping....great day.

We love to stay at Manzanitia when we head to the Oregon is a small little town with a Awesome beach and it is very quiet. Always nice!
It actually snowed that first night....not anything that stuck on the beach but in the foothills there was a bit of accumulation. Our walk on the beach was a little frosty...but beautiful.


We took a hike on Saturday at Oswald mom describes the hike to the beach perfectly "magical"....through the old growth forest with the trees covered with moss, so lush and spiritual.


It was a perfect 10 day....not a cloud in the sky, not that warm but still nice for February!


Some of our friends from Sisters happened to be at the coast the same weekend so we met in Pacific City for dinner at a great pub, The Pelican. We arrived as the sun was beautiful! This is the first photo I took after running from the car to the beach so not to miss it.

It was truly a one of a kind sunset!

Well, I'm back to cleaning and working...a little organizing here a little creating there. A good day in the studio. I finally got part of my space clean and re-organized that I actually feel like I can work. When it is too messy or chaotic I just can't work I end up pacing around until I'm totally frustrated and leave. But after yesterday's cleaning I am ready to go.

Have a great day!



Happy New Year.....a little late.....

Welcome to 2011! It is starting out as crazy as last year. Is that something that just happens as we get older and have more responsibilities? I also consider technology a culprit in the crazyness, it seems I am always able to be in touch except on about 8 minutes of my drive to and from our house, no cell service. I remember when......we didn't drive with phones, home phones were connected to the wall, our computer was connected to the desk (no lap tops). I was wondering when the comment "I remember when" was going to come out of my mouth. Alas, technology has a huge roll in my life and I will have to learn to find a balance.

I recently was reading AnnaMaria Horner's blog post about 2010, she remembered her year in bits and pieces of good, bad, sad, happy all of those emotions. It made me reflect on my own year. What happened in 2010 that I remember...what made me cry, laugh, reflect, sing, dance..... I am not as eliquent with words as others but I do take some good photos and they can help me convey my feelings. Here you go my memories of 2010......(in no particular order just how I feel)

To start with something beautiful, my family....whom I love so much and have taught me so many things this year...

Patience, friendship, love, the art of dancing and singing just because you can.....and being silly



I watched my kids become less like babies and more like people - funny how that happens...

They became friends...beyond just being Sisters....


They painted with me...and now it is a constant request on the weekends - "can we paint?"

I watched my dad beam as Vivi learned to bake bread with was so rewarding to give something to him in my children that he missed out on in me. Reminding me that forgiveness is so important in life and that if you don't learn to forgive you may miss out on something beautiful.


From the darkness of Winter we came into the beauty of spring....loving the time spent cuddling by the fire in the winter but anxious to be outside and plant and play...

even in my dark times I always had a part of me that knew it was all going to be alright....

Things broke in my life but even when broken they were beautiful in their own way and I learned something from each experience....

I found my love of photography again....not sure if I lost it or it was just quietly waiting for me to come back to it....

I was inspired to look at photos a little different....bubbles for instance...

Baby and bubbles...


and then there were the fascination with clouds, I still love them and have recently bought myself a new "point n' shoot" that will take RAW images and is totally awesome - to put in my purse and have with me at all times. The iphone is great but does not do my vision much justice. My new canon will.



(along with clouds is my love of wine) I found times this year that just sitting and being was the most wonderful, rejuvination experience. Learning to quiet my mind and stop the chatter.....



Inspiration....oh where, oh where does it come from....


A trip to a zoo brings inspriation...

a bar in an airport.....

yarn....and of course my children and family....the most inspiring part of my life.




So many accomplishments, falls, highs and lows for the year....there will be more tomorrow.






I have to admit it is hard how quick the months slip by, it is almost Thanksgiving....which I love but at the same time I am not ready for Christmas! SO many things to make....who is with me on that? I love the idea of doing a handmade holiday but how do you fit it all in when you work and have family????

There hasn't been a cloud posting in awhile so I thought that I would share some new clouds....I think all of these were taken on my iphone. Amazing how much I use that camera, probably because it is always with me.

When was the last time you looked up at the sky? What do you see? When was the last time you looked at the stars?

This is a spot that we drive by when we go into town from the house. I am always stopping and taking photos of the clouds....or sunsets...or the mountains....

This was even more amazing in person. I really need to carry my good camera with me.
A contribution from my brother, Jason, when he was out fishing. Love that he takes photos of clouds and sends them to me....kinda cute!

I have to get to is never ending. I wanted to end this with some cute kids......

And our most recent family photo.....

Have a great Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy your family and friends and be thankful...I know I am!



The little man's one....


How has the time flown…I swear I just posted but no it has been weeks. Part of me can’t remember where it all went then I cough and the memories of being sick for 10 days hits me. I was taken down by this cold knocked me on my butt….it hit everyone in the family except Ross. There has to be one man or woman standing to take care of everyone. Mother natures way of keeping us a little sane…..

 Yesterday was Teague's first birthday....I got to spend the whole day just playing with him. It was wonderful just to play and do what he wanted.


  Sweet little baby.....

Getting to be such a big boy....

Oh, the clouds in Central Oregon are just breathtaking….I must share the newest clouds and a few rainbows.

Now I am off to photograph some covers for new patterns....

Have  a great day!



Top 17 photos of summer.....

I was trying to come up with just 10 top photos of the summer but I just couldn't narrow it down...

With the hundreds of photos to go through I think that 17 is pretty good. Besides 10 is hard for me because I really like odd numbers and find myself working with them as much as possible.

I couldn't resit a cloud photo...our trip to the beach with family in June.

My favorite Quilt Show photos are the kids and mom and....
the girls and I drawing quilt block with chalk in the parking lot.
The teachers at daycare took this of Teague during Vi's birthday party.....we all "heart" Violette.

My garden.....
Quilter's Hall of Fame....go mom!


Birthday girls...more than anything we just had an excellent summer party....don't you just love summer parties?
At the cabin in August.

Even in summer we get the rain and the beautiful rainbows over the canyon.
Papa and the kids...
Two of my favortie photos this one of Miss Vi.....

And Miss Liv.....

My summer in 17 photos....I have to say I think there needs to be more to express the whole summer but it was fun and challenging to be able to pick those faves out.





Tonight I discovered how to keep my 11 month old busy while I cleaned the kitchen.

1. Start with an empty dishwasher and a sink full of dishes.

2. Load Spoons (only) into the silverware basket.

3. Place 11 month old at the edge of the dishwasher so he can see the spoons.

4. Proceed to load the dishwasher leaving the other silverware until last.

5. Don't dilly dally around he still has an short attention span. (be careful to make sure you empty all the water out of the cups before loading - he does not like water on his head)

So happy to have the time to do that becasue the kitchen was driving me crazy. The girls are so good at playing together they let me clean but Teague is just everywhere these days.

My interest in clouds continues...I have decided to do a post a week about clouds....I even have some from my brother. He sent me a photo that he took the other day and I asked if I could post it he said yes and thought that I should learn more about the names of the clouds.  I love the idea but honestly I so don't have time to read about clouds I am lucky I have this time to blog.

Jason's first contrabution....

And a few of my own...
Have a great night....I am noticing an itchy throat and stuffy nostril, darn it!! Olivia has a cold and I am pretty sure I am coming down with it. Just what I need, to get sick on a deadline.....