Good-Bye Color of the Week...

Good- Bye Color of the Week... you have been good to me.

Over the past year I have been pushed at times to find images of a certain color.


I found out that most of my photographs of blue are of the sky. It was my hardest color to find photos of. Which I find very interesting because my favorite color is turquoise.


All of the neutrals were the easiest and I loved finding just the right ones.


Sometimes I had to call my husband to ask him what he thought of a color because I had no words.


I made a point of posting at least 7 photos of the color. And at times I know I took creative license in picking photos...


I tried to make sure that not all of my photos were of nature. My favorite thing to photograph is the natural world. I wanted to show color in unexpected places.


I loved using my Hipstamatic App on my phone to take photos, sometimes they ended up perfect for colors others not so much. It was unexpected and exciting.


I saw color in more depth than I ever have....

I have been overwhelmed with the response to Your Favorite Color of the Week... thank you so much for all of your kind words. They make my heart so full....I wish I could give some fabric to everyone who took the time to comment.

The kiddos and I picked winners and I will be emailing you directly.

Have a great day!!!!