Sunday Cleaning

It seems like every time I have a new fabric collection coming into the studio I do a cleaning......As much as it is my new collection "Novella" (due to arrive any day for me to dive into) I have to create a better place for my computer. I have worked on a lap top forever.....I am finally committing to a desktop. My new Apple Baby arrives on Thursday. I am so excited to have a bigger screen to work on and a faster computer. 

The problem today is that my original idea for moving my desk doesn't fit....I have been moving furniture since this morning and still haven't figured it out......My studio looks like a bomb of "stuff" went off....which makes me want to cleanse even more. But I find myself pacing around the studio trying to decide what to do.....Figured it would be a nice distraction to blog.



The mess......and I have bolts of fabric that have to find a home because the next batch will be here soon! And I admit I am a stacker. I stack things all the time. It is one habit I have that I am starting to find very annoying. Tough one to break but I am determined to at least minimize it. 

Must get motivated to keep at it!

Have a great Sunday!