September...already...I mean really!!!

Wow, it is fall around here. The wind, cooler tempretures, school starting....this is the first year that we have had to even recongnize the school year....Olivia started kindergarten this she is 5.....I remember when she was born! Never thought that I would say that. Funny how you turn into your family without meaning too.

Well, mom and I had a great taping at Quilting Arts TV and I hope to get some photos soon. I will share I promise...once we were done with taping I sat down to work on my fabric while mom and I sat in the computer decided to just quit. Yep quit..oh my god I couldn't believe it. My total mistake was that I hadn't backed up in 2 weeks or so...lots of new fabric designs were on my computer and not on my back up hard drive. Panic set in.....but at the same time I knew I couldn't do anything until I got home and called my Mac Doctor.

As we were coming home on Saturday I found out that our daycare was closing on September 30, 2010....thought someone smacked me up side the head. SH** what was I going to do with a 3 year old and a 11 month old...and the emotion hit me. I will admit that I had just started my period..I am an emotional gal so you can imagine. I cried all the way to Chicago....daycare, my computer, my hormones....I think that people were looking at me like I had just left my boyfirend or something like that.

I still don't know for sure what we are going to do for daycare. It is hard in a really small town to find good care! But life goes on and we will figure out what to do...I am trying to be stong and positive so that the kids don't know and so that I don't lose it. The week went on...Liv started Kindergarten...such a big girl. I am so proud of her. 

Then Vi got sick...high fever - 104- last night...I lost another day of work but on the good note I had a day with Miss Vivi.....we really kind of enjoyed getting to be together in spite of the circumstances. She is wonderful....I don't get much time to spent with her, it was lovely!!

It is now Thursday night.....listening to the football game on the TV, Ross and I just got home from our first parent teacher thingy...My dad and step-mom are in town and they watched the kids while we were gone...I am happy as a lark that my computer is home. All is well, some freak thing happened but I didn't lose anything and I am backing up every day. I am rolling with the punches....I have little control of somethings in my life and am dealing with it.... the best that an quirky, intense, artist type can. There are probably more words to describe my personality but I think that will do for now......Donkey (for those of you who don't watch Shrek there is a line - "That'll do Donkey." that we love to quote in our house.)

While I waited for my computer I was forced to get my butt in gear with my has been sitting here calling me for weeks....Bliss...what am I going to do with you?  I figured out my "free pattern" for Free Spirit and a new Sewing Card and..... some new stuffed friends. I would say that maybe there was some good reasons to have the computer be out of comission for 5 days.


We do have the new flannel on our web site for pre-orders....I have decided that I LOVE the elephants...there is something about them....

Here are the other prints that I did for the flannel and some of them are also coming out in fleece... there are lots more colors I just picked one color from each design...







Life is crazy and I am reminding myself to breathe and to remember to just take the day and make the most of it. I am so being tested these days.....