Tonight I discovered how to keep my 11 month old busy while I cleaned the kitchen.

1. Start with an empty dishwasher and a sink full of dishes.

2. Load Spoons (only) into the silverware basket.

3. Place 11 month old at the edge of the dishwasher so he can see the spoons.

4. Proceed to load the dishwasher leaving the other silverware until last.

5. Don't dilly dally around he still has an short attention span. (be careful to make sure you empty all the water out of the cups before loading - he does not like water on his head)

So happy to have the time to do that becasue the kitchen was driving me crazy. The girls are so good at playing together they let me clean but Teague is just everywhere these days.

My interest in clouds continues...I have decided to do a post a week about clouds....I even have some from my brother. He sent me a photo that he took the other day and I asked if I could post it he said yes and thought that I should learn more about the names of the clouds.  I love the idea but honestly I so don't have time to read about clouds I am lucky I have this time to blog.

Jason's first contrabution....

And a few of my own...
Have a great night....I am noticing an itchy throat and stuffy nostril, darn it!! Olivia has a cold and I am pretty sure I am coming down with it. Just what I need, to get sick on a deadline.....