Pregnancy, sickness, moving, oh my.......

It has been a crazy few mom and step dad moved into a new home. Ross and I were the helpers in moving and unpacking. It was bittersweet for me. The house that they moved out of I grew up in since I was six, Ross and I got married there. A lot of memories!!! Strange not to drive down that road to go to the house and just be in that space. I know it is good to move on and for them it is great. They have downsized, and moved into town. Their new house is amazing - all "green" and very them. I am happy for them. Makes me want to live in town sometimes rather than 10 minutes away. Like right now when I need to go to the grocery store and am blogging instead of driving into town. But we have a great place and I really do get a lot of ideas when I drive........during the move and getting them settled in (we had our employee dinner at mom's new house one week after we moved her) I got the stomach flu and a cold. OH MY.........being sick while you are pregnant is the worst and it seems to last FOREVER. I am still fighting snot!!!!  I hope to be done by next week as it is the beginning of Quilter's Affair classes and then Quilt Show on the 11th. It has come up fast.....
We are finally having some nice days after the weird weather in June......these are the first Zinnia's from my garden. Now I am just waiting for some veggies!!! and sunflowers!
While my "shopping site" is being set up for my web site I have my new shirts and cards on the Stitchin' Post site.....come check them out.
The pregnancy is going well, minus the sickness......I am almost six months. Which seems crazy - it went fast but at the same time it seems to be forever. I was thinking today how I am really looking forward to meeting the little guy. Seeing what his personality is going to be like and how it will change the family.  Oh, it will be interesting.......I still have moments of thinking, wow we are having three kids, just seems unreal. Does that ever go away? 
Ok, I really have to get to the grocery store.....
Have a great day!!!