The Bird Paintings........

I have been meaning to post the recent and earlier this year bird paintings. I finally got some decent photos of them to put on my website when the shopping cart is finished. Not sure where my obsession with the birds have come from but I am OBSESSED!!!! Next springs fabric collection that I am working on has birds.....
It is interesting how much I notice birds now - their shapes, colors, positions they sit in, or perch in, how they look when they fly........ I am not very good a photographing them the way I want, the little buggers move to fast! I think I just need practice, flowers don't move nearly as fast.
Here you go......
Ruby - the latest......
Three Little Birds.....this little guy came from a photo that mom took of a cute little bird in on her trip to Italy - he was all puffy and kinda looks like an owl.
Tweetbirdsblog mom recently purchased this one from me. My first sale of a painting......funny it was my mom!! She liked it because it is five birds and she is going to have 5 brother and sister-in-law are due any day with a baby girl and then with my little guy that will make five. Didn't even think of that when I painted it. I don't think I was even pregnant. Odd numbers seem to be my thing......Ross thinks it is "odd".
Scarlet - this one and the next two are small paintings 10" and 8" as the others are at least 24". I am not as comfortable working you know from my fabric....but think it is a good idea to push myself and I really like little paintings so I am trying to paint little paintings.
Last but not least - Violet. When I brought the paintings back from hanging in Bend at NorthSoles, my Violette picked up this painting and says to me, "Mine". How did she know?!?!? Although she says anything is hers...."mine" is one of the favorite words.
Well, I am back to work.....we are almost set up for quilt show and I need to get a posting on our Stitchin' Post blog.....I have been TOTALLY slacking on that one.
Have a great day!!!