New projects........

I sent off the booth today - YEAH! Except the quilts, we will pack them in our suitcases. It has been a long week getting everything together and making sure we don't forget anything. The "list" comes in handy during times like these. I am hoping to get everything else together and ready to go by Saturday so that on Mother's Day we can have a fun family day. I can't wait to just hang with the family for a day without any thoughts of work. Sounds like heaven.....
One of the projects that I have been working on for a few months now is a series of graphic t-shirts and cards. Let me show you some photos......first there are three shirt designs......
My AWESOME girlfriends are my beautiful models.......
The shirts are made in Canada and printed right here in Bend, Oregon. The company that I am working with in Bend has connected me to the Canadian company that can make custom shirts. This first series is a pretty simple shirt; white, form fitting, 100% cotton and yummy soft.
Red Bird
The designs are inspired by my paintings and some of my fabric designs. They do seem to go hand and hand.......I am working on long sleeve designs for the late summer - early fall!
This is the first series of "Artful Cards" - images of some of my favorite paintings printed on recycled paper, blank inside. I do love sending cards, writing is a lost art at times with the convince of email. It is so easy to fall into the email communication - I am guilty of that - but there is something about sitting down and writing a letter to someone you love.
After market I am going to be adding a shopping cart to my website - long awaited! And start sending out information of the shirts to boutiques around the country. I am excited - and totally scared - for this new adventure.....I figure this is normal emotions....More to come as I get this ball rolling.....
Anyway, these are a few of my newest projects......besides the full time job of baking a baby. It is amazing that in two years you can forget what it is like to be pregnant. Not that this is much different than the other two just that I forgot some of the wonders of the pregnant body!!!! I am at that "oh so lovely" stage of not looking quite pregnant, a bit more like I have drank too much beer and am bloated! Can't wait for that to pass.....luckily I have only put it on right in the front of my belly and my boobs. Trying to keep my butt from joining in on the growth aspect of the whole least as long as I can. It will be nice when market is over and the weather around here gets a bit nicer to be outside hiking.  For now it is the treadmill in the gym......oh so boring.
Rambling.......I seem to do that a lot with this pregnancy....or maybe just chatty tonight!
Have a awesome evening!!!

OH - Totally forgot to mention that Del Hi arrived in the shop this week.....