Memorial Weekend = Yard work! YEAH!

With all of the hub-bub of market I didn't get a chance to post before I left.....more than anything I wanted to say........ HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! To all of those mamma's out there I hope you had a great day!!!! We sure did....I had Mom and John over for breakfast for sourdough crepes. OH, they were so good! One of those cravings that just had to be full filled. I hadn't made them in ages - I don't know why so easy and so yummy!!
The girls on Mother's Day! I realize when I look at these images how much we all look alike.

Now onto was a busy week! I think I am still recovering took and hour nap this was not as busy as last spring but still the booth was busy. Amy and I were across from each other - we have too much fun having booths that close. We are going to request being close every spring....nothing but trouble and the busiest row around.....
Miss Carolyn and I in the booth on Sunday. There wasn't time to take photos on the other days... Sunday is one of those mellow days that we can take photos, chat with people and goof off.

My booth.....we try to keep it simple when we have to travel so far. We used canvas curtains, the back wall was painted and swatches of the entire collection were stitched onto the canvas.  I would of loved to have wood walls but that is a whole other task......
I have to say I am a little disappointed in my Leica point and shot camera, the photos weren't nearly as good as I would of liked. I think I am just spoiled by my Cannon....ok, random, back to market.
My friend is hard that we only get to see each other a couple times a year......someday that will change!

Diane and Mallory - two of Amy's wonderful girls that work in the studio.....
Since Sunday was so mellow we went to the roof of the convention center....beautiful....
Brandon Mabley - an extremely talented fabric designer and knitter....



Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, architecture mixing the modern and historic, the lines were amazing.

It was so nice to have Carolyn there....we have fun together and get along so well I couldn't ask for a better friend, rooommate and co-worker.....Love her!
Since the plane landed on Monday it has been catch up at the shop I am really looking forward to this weekend and a few days with the family. Ross and I are laying sod in our newly expanded back yard. We are so excited to get the yard going........ the vegetable garden, new grass, flowers, a sand box and best of all a fence to keep the deer out.  I think we will live back there this summer. It is great to have some warm weather to get out and prepare the soil......although there will be no veggies in the ground until the snow is off Black Butte. Ross finished the sand box tonight and the girls are so excited to play in it......perfect while we lay the sod. He has been on a mission the last few weeks......putting up the fence, staining the deck, building the sand box.....I have an amazing husband. I haven't been so excited to work in the yard in years......Have a great weekend and  where ever you are I hope that you are surrounded by sunshine and family.......