Snow in Spring.....

Go figure the first day of Spring and we get snow....and then today the second day of Spring we get 2" of snow......Central Oregon! And I am just itching to get the beds ready so that Liv and I can plant some veggies......Not that I don't have a lot of things to get done but when you get those bits of blue sky and 60 degree weather you think maybe....just maybe we can think of planting. We have  such a short growing season here you have to take advantage of any day you can.
I have been shotting photos for the patterns and other fun stuff....I got this photo of Miss Sophie as she was getting ready to jump up and attack me.....while I was on the stool!!! I just thought this was too cute she is the perfect color to go with the chair and my photographs......I just love how the brown roses turned out - this is a home decorator weight fabric that we covered the chair with.....I want it in my studio but it has to go to the store for a while.....anyway, have to get back to work!!!!
Have a Great DAY!!!