Behind the Seams

Back in December Violette and I flew to Clevland to tape an internet program called Behind the Seams, with the great host Sara....she was so easy to work with and very cool chick all around. Anyway, my webisode is on now.....go check it out!!! Very cool to see the internet becoming a source for instructional video for our industy like the tv is. I know Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms are also doing some web progams. Mom was on one last year I think. Alex and Ricky have asked me to come do a taping in September....should be fun.
Well the pattern writing and creating is coming to an end and next week we will proof and send to print!! YEAH!!!! I am so excited......I thought I would give you a sneak preview of the free pattern that I did for Olive Rose.
As soon as the pattern is proofed and off to print I will get it into a PDF and put it on the blog..... I really love how this quilt came out. I think that it is one of my favorite quilts that I have done recently.
Well, a few more things to take care I sit in my studio, there is a blizzard outside. For crying out loud isn't it spring!??!! I think we have about 3" on the ground. UUGGGHHH!!! I guess it is a good day to be in the studio and it is beautiful! I think that I am just ready for a little warm....
Have a great day!