We had a beautiful weekend - around 60 - wow maybe spring is coming after all!!! AAHHH just a teaser I am sure! That is how March is around here. Things are busy, busy, busy around the shop and the studio.... although I have decided that it is always busy in my life......but at least I am not bored! The girls make sure of that...Violette was trying to crawl to a toy the other day. I am not sure I am ready for her to be mobile - that means I really have to watch my studio and the scraps of fabric on the floor. She likes to taste test everything.......at least it's fiber? Right? Speaking of Two CUTE girls.....here they are......Girlsblog
As I am burning the midnight oil - ok I am only up until 10 or 11 - making prototypes for my patterns out of  OliveRose I have heard that the fabric should be arriving in April/May.....we are doing pre-orders at the shop.
Oliverosestackblog_3It is very exciting when the designs come to life and then are out there for everyone to see. I am a little tired these days as I am a perfectionist and I like to do the initial work on the projects - but there are 8 new patterns on the way......I hope to be taking photos for the cover over the next week and I will give you a sneak preview. Well back to the gridstone....I am at the shop today - different hat to wear - but it keeps me on my toes!! Have a great day! Valori Roseblog