Zen moment.....

The girls are taking a nap - a quiet moment. They both have ear infections and I have a cold.....whew! I do love to spend time with them but I am enjoying this moment. It is important to treasure the few minutes of alone time - where one can quiet the mind and just be.
AHHh distracted by the cry of a 6 month old.....I love it when she smiles at me so big that her nose wrinkles and the binky falls out of her mouth......TOO CUTE! We are still helping her learn to put herself to sleep and the only thing that works is to let her cry a bit, come in every 5 min, then 10 min, then 15 min - soothe her and leave. She is getting it but she does like it when we come in and say hi. Naps are easier than bed time - she really like to hang out with Ross and I at night after Liv goes to bed.
What has been going on in the studio......I have been working on prototypes for the new patterns......finally sent off the paintings for the 2008 Quilt Show fabric . That was a BIG check on the list. It is nice to get something off the list rather than keep adding. Carolyn and I received our advanced copy of LifeStyle, a new book that we collaborated on - it should be hitting a local Quilt Shop near you in February. We are very excited about it.........I am still working on my fabric designs for next spring - it is a slow go because pattern projects are higher on the priority list. The drawing table always has a design in progress in case I get stuck with one of the other projects. I do bounce back a forth sometimes. The studio is in dire need of a cubby hole type of shelf to put projects in - like all the paper and fabric that is cut up or half way done, etc, etc, etc. I do love the creative buzz that I get when I am doing all of these things. Mom is coming over tomorrow to watch Baby Vi so that I can have some uninterrupted time in the studio.......I can't wait!!!!
Oh, my good friend Amy Butler has some new fabric coming out in this spring......SO pretty!!! I know we are going to get it in the store - I will keep you posted.......All this talk about the studio makes me want to go do something........while the sleeping beauties are at rest. Enjoy your day.....take a Zen Moment for yourself...it is very rejuvenating!