Studio Saturday.....

This was the view out of my studio yesterday as I worked on new fabric drawings and prototypes for new patterns. It is a view of Grey Butte and Smith Rocks - and awesome place to rock climb, mountain bike and least those are the things that I like to do there. Amazingly when it is cloudy here there seems to be a bit of sunlight peaking through exposing the area!
Anyway.......the studio is a mess with fabric everywhere...I am not very good at putting fabric away when I am in the middle of creating. I always find myself doing a cleaning later. I envy those who can keep their space clean while working. I have now made three different types of quilted lap top cases - trying to find the best design for my pattern. I want something stylish yet easy to make and functional. After the third one I decided to let them sit for awhile and work on fabric designs. That is the beauty of having multiple projects going on - always something else to take your mind of what you are stuck on. My drawing table sits in front of the windows that look out over the canyon and in the distance you can see Smith Rocks. I love the view! I did accomplish two finished drawings yesterday...... I am finding as I work on these designs that I have more ideas than I want to put in one collection - that is a nice problem......I decided to just keep going with the ideas and put them in the "drawer".
On another note - Friday, Carolyn and I did this display at the shop with new chairs that we covered in the Sole' Home Decorator fabric - It turned out very good. We kept it simple so that as we get in new spring product - yarn and gifts that we can add to it. We are thinking of doing a few more chairs out of the new OliveRose Home Decorator fabric (out this spring) - and use them around a coffee table for our open knit that we do every Wednesday. Chairs
Well off to a Family Sunday.....we are heading to Bend -the big city in our neck of the woods - grocery shopping, errands and the Children's Museum then dinner at Mimi's and Papa's........
Have a great day!