I love Sunday's.....I seem to be really productive on Sunday's. I finish painting the Quilt Show fabric for this year. It consists of two panels with is a sneak preview.......Qs08

I am happy to have it done. It is always nice to complete something off your list. It seems like I have been adding a lot of things to the list and not marking much off - this feels good. Now I can get back to some of the other things that were started months ago.

I took a break to nurse the babes while Ross and Olivia took a nap. Vilotte and I had a bath and since she was so cute all naked I took some photos of her. At 5 months she is so cute and trying to put everything in her mouth. What a fun thing to I just need to print and frame them......




I just love Sunday's all of this done and it is only 2:00.......since I am on such a roll I am going to continue in the studio.....Have a great day!!!

PS If you are at my web site and try to e-mail me from the address provided it is going to bounce.......the e-mail address should be