So many things going on......

Wow, there is a lot going on here in the studio. Where to start.....Tuesday, I was in the studio and had a very productive started with this quilt that I had been wanting to do based on the PomPom Dahlia. Here is what I have so far....
I am not much of a hand appliquer so I think that I am going to top stitch the petals down and then do some heavy quilting. I want to put this up in our newly painted entry way that is a greyish blue color. It should look pretty cool. It is a test quilt for one that I want to make out of my new Del Hi fabric. As I worked on this I also worked on a fabric design for the fall and a new painting. Here is the painting that I am almost done with.....
I am so excited about it - really a bit obessed to tell you the truth. There are days that I am so easily distracted with all of the different projects and ideas that I flitter around the studio back and forth. I figure as long as something gets done it can't be too bad. Anyway, what is next......My girlfriends little girl turned one last week and we were so privleged to be invited to her birthday.....the girls and I attened as Ross was at a Portland Trail Blazers basketball game. I felt very honored because we were the only people there that were not family. So, for Miss Vaughn's birthday I made her a dress from Amy's book Little Stitches.
Too Cute! I realize that I need to practice my sewing skills, this is my second attempt. I have the other one half ripped out as it needs some help. I had cut out two of them because I figured that Vi would look adorable in the dress - well good thing I did since I totally messed up the first one. I am determined to get better at sewing clothes. The girls need some cute clothes and it sure does save money.  Needless to say Andrea and Miss V. loved it. Can't wait to see her in it.
There is more to share but it will have to go into the next time - it is late and I should spend a little time with my hubby. We put the girls to bed and I started another painting and now am doing this post. Hope everyone had an awesome day!!!