Harmonies Batiks....

One of my favorite adventures in fabric design was creating the Harmonies Batik series. This was the first time I took the chance and drew my own designs. They were simple India ink drawings that were then translated into sun baked batiks in Indonesia. It was a a leap of faith to send black and white drawings and let them dye as they desired. The results of this combined creativity was amazing, I received so many color options it was difficult to narrow it down.


There were three additions of Harmonies Batiks... I have always had a special place in my heart for these fabrics it was a collaboration of artists in different countries making beautiful fabric.


During this time I also was learning about New York Beauty blocks and drafting my own designs. These experiments led to my book Radiant New York Beauties, I was expanding my abilities as an artist designing fabric and as a new quilter exploring techniques.

These were my last fabrics with Quilter's Only, my next collection debuted with a new company, Free Spirit.



Highlighter Rocks with Sunflowers & Lemons

Happy Friday!

This week really flew by...Quilt Con is just around the corner and I am just about ready to go. A few more bundles to fold this weekend. Today I wanted to share with you my Highlighter Rocks with Sunflowers & Lemons Quilt.

Highlighter is Kona Cottons Color of the Year!


I found photographs a huge inspiration for my Highlighter quilt since the color was so hard for me to grasp. It makes me pucker and smile at the same time. By looking for photographs that used that color it started me thinking about palettes to play with. I came across an abstract painting with yellows and grays, drawings of lemons, sunflowers and yellow doors.






These photos inspired the palette and then I began playing with ideas for design. I carry an embroidered pouch with me full of colorful rocks and it got me started on the “rock” idea for the quilt. Rocks of course, because they are gray and that was a part of the palette. Inspiration can come from so many different things and when all those little bits come together a quilt design emerges. Next came pulling together the gray rocks and the yellow stripped background to give the quilt subtle lines and movement - similar to the color essence in the abstract paintings. The goal was to balance out the intensity of Highlighter but still make it the dominate color of the quilt. The top is just part of the quilt, quilting can stand out or blend in depending on your motif and color of thread. I wanted a little of both because I just had to quilt sunflowers and lemons.










This is a free pattern at Robert Kaufman...soon! Like in the next week they will have it up to download.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments about Mystic and all the blogs that I did this last month about Morocco. I loved getting to share all of it with you.

Have a great weekend!!



PS The 3 bundle winners have been emailed.....



Mystic Blue

Happy Friday!!!

It is a beautiful blue sky day here in Sisters...perfect day to share with you my Mystic Blue quilt that is made out of the blue palette in the Mystic collection and Kona Cottons.


This quilt is a mixture of design elements seen in the rugs and the variety of blues you experience while visiting Morocco.

I already love blue... and now I am completely enamored by blue....


I really enjoyed quilting this quilt... embracing the solid areas for Moroccan elements of design.


Mystic Blue will be a Sewing Card available late January.

And now for Moroccan blue inspiration....


The Riad Idra in Marrakesh.


The doors...











Amy and I....


Jardins Majorelle - this garden was incredible with the marjorelle blue everywhere.






How could you not fall in love with blue!??

The winner of the last blog post is Ann (you have been emailed)...

A bundle of blue Mystic up for a giveaway... Just leave a comment and the winner will be picked on Tuesday....




Happy Friday!!!

I wanted to share with you my Gypsum Quilt made out of the black and white palette of Mystic, for Robert Kaufman.


Gypsum was inspired by the Berber Rugs in Morocco and the gep carvings throughout the architecture in Marrakesh. Geps are the carved plasterwork used for upper wall, ceilings, tops of pillars, arches, or peaks... they can be ribbons framing windows and doors. I first saw geps in the Riad Idra in Marrakesh.





I love the Berber rugs... and what is surprising to me is how few photos I have of them. They are very simple and usually geometric, two color designs. The rug designs mixed with the stenciling at the Peacock Pavilions, I was bound to be inspired to do a black and white color way of Mystic and a quilt.




My room at Peacock Pavilions was even neutral....

Once this quilt was done I decided to quilt the Hand of Fatima mixed with designs reminiscent of the geps.

Mayram has an amazing collection of Hands of Fatima at Peacock Pavilions.







I love how the quilting turned out....


So does Ollie....

I have to share a few more images from Morocco that inspired the black and white palette in Mystic.




I hope you enjoyed the inspirational journey of Gypsum. The pattern for Gypsum will be available through The Stitchin' Post this month. I will keep you updated.

The winner from the Kantha Stitching blog post is... Solange (you have been emailed).

As with each quilt and project I share of Mystic there will be a bundle of fabric to win. Leave a comment to be entered... I will announce winner on Tuesday.

Hope you have an Awesome weekend....



OH... One more really important thing. My good friend Amy has her newest Blossom Magazine Live... If you want to be inspired...find some love....some meaning... go check it out. Our trip to Morocco is in there and the exciting announcement that there is a new Morocco Artist Retreat in November 2016... and I am going to be teaching with Amy.....




Flying Carpet

Happy Saturday....

This is Flying Carpet, one of the four quilts made out of Mystic Fabric, for Robert Kaufman.


Flying Carpet was inspired by the rugs and carpets in Morocco.

IMG_3181 1


The variety of styles and colors were amazing....each style representing a tribe or area in Morocco.




No rug was exactly the same because they were usually made by one woman - their skills passed down from generation to generation and no pattern is used just their knowledge. I loved that you could see two rugs from the same village with similar patterns still be very different.


I had to include this cute little guy. Kitties are well revered in Morocco... they take care of the rodents since most of the markets and homes are open air. You will find them everywhere.... I was in heaven.

IMG_3176 1



In honor of Flying Carpet I am giving away a fat 1/4 bundle of the "extract" palette....just leave a comment below and the winner will be chosen on Monday. My manor of choosing winners is not scientific, I collect the number of comments (say 35) and write them on little pieces of paper and let one of the kids draw. So it really is quite random. Don't worry this isn't your only chance to win....I will be giving away a bundle of fabric with each quilt.

Hope you have a great weekend!



The flying carpet pattern will be available mid January from The Stitchin' Post.

Interrupting the silence...

I am interrupting the recent silence on my blog (haha) to talk about a friend of mine’s new book. I am very lucky to be friends with some amazing people in our industry and Sarah Filke is one of them. Sarah is a resident of Australia. She came and taught at Quilter’s Affair last summer and was given rave reviews from her students.

I am excited to share with you her new book… Old Quilts, New Life



In this book Sarah selected 9 quilts from the American Folk Art Museum in New York and used them as the inspiration for her 18 quilts. She asked me if I had a favorite antique quilt that I would like to share…. Why yes I do!


I love this quilt! The contrasting fabric used in the chevrons intrigued me. I loved the varying widths of the rows and how the fabrics were all over the place but the way they are arranged made the quilt work. (I was privileged to see it in person at the Houston International Quilt Show in the Kaffe Fassett showcase.) I was so inspired by this quilt and my recent collection of fabric Mystic, inspired by Morocco, that I had to make something.

My something is this….


The Souks

The souks are the market place in the center of Marrakesh that I enjoyed winding through, finding treasures and seeing the craftsmen at work. The colors are vivid and the smell at times intense but so full of life I found myself sucked into a magical place.

The antique chevron quilt was a maze of color but yet felt organized…. That is the Souks!

Stay tuned for more about the Souks of Marrakesh and the new Mystic fabric!



Inspired by... Paths of Peacock Pavilions

Happy Friday!

Today is my first post of Inspired by....

I had the honor of staying at the Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh, Morocco. This place is MAGIC... While staying there you travel from house to house and tent to tent through the olive groves over paths. These are unique paths, each step is either too close or too far apart so that you are conscious of every step you take. You are present! My biggest goal and desire while I was in Morocco was to be present, soak in every moment. From my room in the morning I walked through these olive trees to the main house for breakfast. Starting my day being present in the moment.... this has stayed with me and I am so grateful for Maryam and Chris for creating such a unique and magical place.


My Path through the olive grove.


The Path to the artist tent.


The Path to our house.

I knew I would make a quilt at some point based on my love of these paths and the colors of Peacock Pavilions.....

At the beginning of the year Robert Kaufman asked if I would design a quilt out of their Essex Linen to show at market. Of course I said yes.... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with Essex Linen! As I looked through the colors I realized that this was the quilt that I would make to honor those paths!

Some of the beautiful colors from Peacock Pavilions...


Dinner in a traditional Arabian Tent.... This was our first night there and was the most fun experience... the floors are covered in soft Moroccan rugs you sit on firm embroidered pillows... with soft lighting and bougainvillea hanging from the lights. The tent is covered in traditional Moroccan stencil designs. Seriously how could you not start off your experience with this and not be in LOVE with Peacock Pavilions!!












The Main house...


From the rooftop of our house looking towards the main house over the olive grove.


I loved the nights at Peacock, the pool would darken as the sun went down, the lights would start to glow in the seating area and everything would slowly turn into an Indigo night... so beautiful.

So.... drum roll...... the quilt....


Paths of Peacock Pavilions (photographed on the canyon at our house)

I quilted Olive leaves and Olives all over the paths. I am truly in love with this quilt... the memories of such a special place that helped my path to changing the need to always think about what is next or what I have to do or, or, or to being present and in the moment. Enjoying my children and my husband in the moment! It brings tears to my eyes because I am so full filled by this by the love I receive and give by being in the moment.

I hope you have a magical day!!!



Here is a great description of Peacock Pavilions   from their web site. They are amazing people!

"Peacock Pavilions is a handmade, artisanal boutique hotel in an olive grove on the outskirts of Marrakesh.  Part of the M.Montague offerings,  Peacock Pavilions  was designed and built by American blogger and designer, Maryam Montague, and her American husband, Chris Redecke.  

The hotel, like the rest of M.Montague brand,  supports Project Soar, a non-profit organization established the couple to uplift underprivileged communities, especially its girls and women, through art, and fitness. 10 % of profits from Peacock Pavilions go to sourcing Project Soar.

Maryam, her husband, and two children continue to live at Peacock Pavilions where they share their own slice of a Marrakesh oasis with resident peacocks Maurice, Persephone and Gigi, five cats, one mischievous yellow lab, and any guests lucky enough to be stopping through."

Learn more about MMontague products and experiences at www.mmontague.com


Color of the Week... GIVEAWAY!!!!!



Color of the Week started with my collection of fabric, Blueprint Basics, and the desire to share my color inspiration through photography. I mixed in some Kona Cotton Solids to complete the color spectrum. The 52 weeks were split into the four seasons...

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter....

I designed a quilt for each season ending with a trip around the world quilt, Celebration, that uses all 52 pieces.


All of these quilts are free pattern downloads on Robert Kaufman...(left to right: Winter, Spring, Celebration, Summer, Autumn)


To Celebrate the Color of the Week I have 12 of these babies to give away, 52 fat 1/4's in each bundle....

To be entered in the giveaway just tell me what your favorite Color of the Week was? I will close the giveaway next Sunday night and pick 12 winners next Monday.

Thanks for your support!



Around the World Blog Tour...

Around the World Blog Tour...

Sue Spargo invited me to play in the tour.... Sue is a very talented lady and someone I admire.


This is Sue's recent class on Craftsy....Embroidery Texture and Dimension by Hand

Her embroidery and applique inspire me to be free when I create. Taking risks with mixing mediums and techniques.... Which fits right into what I am creating in my studio.

The studio is very busy and very messy....I wish I had a cleaning fairy! Fabric is exploding in here as I received all my Ashton Road fabric. I am thinking that I need to cut some off and give it away....wink, wink!

My new collection of fabric for Robert Kaufman - In The Bloom - will release at the end of the month. I am working hard in the studio with my sample yardage, creating quilts and projects to photograph and create a look book for the release of the fabric....



I can only give you sneak peak.....I promise to share more once the fabric is released. I am so, so, so excited about this collection.

I spent the weekend in Seattle with my girls and my mom. I was teaching at a shop - The Quilting Loft - in Seattle. It was so fun to be with Olivia and Violette experiencing all of the new things a city can offer...staying at a hotel in downtown, the American Girl Doll store, the Spaceneedle, Chihuly glass garden and of course Pike Street Market...I loved every second.






Teaching Silk Screening out of my new book....My Life in Fabric


Pictures from my class on Saturday. We had so much fun printing and playing with color.



My new work fills me with so much joy....teaching the silk screening class reminds me to do what I love and my work will show it.

My desire to work is as much about me as it is about my family.....they inspire me to be better at everything I do and everything I am....


Traveling this weekend with these two filled me with so much love and happiness I know I can do anything...they are my world.

My wish for you is inspiration and love.....to enjoy every moment!





My Life in Fabric

I am so excited to introduce my new book to you....

My Life in Fabric with Valori Wells


My life has always been in fabric. The Stitchin' Post opened in May of 1975 by my mom, Jean Wells. I was a year and a half. I don't remember anything else. Although I strayed from fabric as I studied photography and printmaking in college. Coming home and being in the shop or mom's studio kept textiles in the forefront of my life. After college and photographing two quilting books for my mom  I found myself embracing fabric in a new way.... I wanted to design it. To create beautiful fabrics. My first collection of fabric was released in 1998 - Shades of Serenity a collection based on my black and white photographs. Fast forward.... 2014..... My life in Fabric is a collection of projects and techniques based on my love of fabric and how I like to create from Silk screening to block printing... painting and embroidery and recycled sweater owls....

I hope you enjoy a peak at my book....it is full of my love of fabric as much as my life...



This was my favorite photoshoot on the edge of the creek.....Just how I imagine a romatic picnic with someone you love.


Baker's Twine....


Screen printing and embroidery...


Block printing....


Studio Birds




The Wave....


Painting on fabric...




The Owls...



I have to end with these two.... my beautiful girls. My family - including my village - have been so amazing during the process of creating this book. It is a long journey and I couldn't of done it without them.





Ashton Road Candy Picnic...


Ashton Road was released the end of July....for my collections to release complete I like to do a "look book" for the salesmen and women to show to shop owners when they show the fabric for the first time. The look book is full of inspirational photographs and projects. Some of the projects are free pattern downloads and others are recreated Sewing Cards. I try to come up with a theme for the photo-shoot that reflects what the fabric means to me. To get the look book to Robert Kaufman in time I receive sample yardage about 4 to 6 weeks before my deadline. That being said I try to be really prepared for the projects that need to be made and the photo-shoot. I received Ashton Road in the beginning of June. In the images below you will see all the work that goes into getting ready for a release. I have some of the most wonderful staff at the Stitchin' Post and friends that help me with all the sewing and pattern writing as well as the photo-shoots. I could not do it without them!

For Ashton Road the photos-hoot had to be with the kids....it had to be outside on a summer day. The colors in the fabric remind me of candy so we created a "candy picnic" for the kiddos. Two of my good friends helped me with the shoot. We each had cameras - perfect for three kids! It was the best day and one of the funnest photo-shoots I have ever done. The images are priceless and really express the happiness and love that created Ashton Road.


The Round-table...



My Tent...




Playtime Treehouse Quilt (free download).... made out of the flannel.








Vivi loves her Cruzin' Everyday Skirt....(new sewing card)

Bloglivskirt (1)


The Everyday Skirt pattern will be released at Fall Quilt Market.



Playtime Bikes.... out of the cotton sheeting. (free pattern download)




Urban Baby Quilt... (free pattern download) Flannel...





Three Times Around... (free pattern download) Cotton Sheeting...




This quilt is adapted from one of my patterns - The Zoey Throw.

That was our day.... lots of laughing... lots of sugar and LOTS of great photos!!!


This is my other new pattern coming out at Quilt Market, Diamond Lane.

I am doing the final touches for Quilt Market next weekend....My booth will be featuring Ashton Road... Photos to come....

Hope you have a great day!!!

Enjoy those little things in your life.... like laughing kids with lolipops!!!



PS We are working on getting all of the Ashton Road free patterns up for download by the end of Ocotber.




Valori Wells + Robert Kaufman = LOVE!

So so so excited to announce that I am a designer for Robert Kaufman Company. My debut collections... yep 2 of them... were released today.

I thought I would give a little teaser of the collections and if you want or I should say need more check out Robert Kaufmans web site....I will also be posting lots of fun projects out of the collections on this blog.

The first collection is Quill...


This is the Journey Quilt made out of Quill and my other new collection Blueprint Basics. The dress is the Sondy dress.... out of Quill knit! Journey will be a free pattern this spring!


This quilt is Plume... it features Generous...my main design in the Quill Collection. The yummy pillows are out of the Quill Linen....essex linen! So wonderful to work with!

And now for the beginning of my basics collection.... Blueprint Basics....they will be released in four seasons...

This is Spring!


There will be more to come.... but alas I am waiting in the airport getting ready to fly to San Diego for the TNNA show - it is a yarn market. Should be fun to get out of town for a few days.... after all of this hard work and anticipation of the release of Quill and Blueprint.....

Have a great weekend!



Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2013.... part 2

Kathy Doughty was our speaker at the Picnic in the Park this year.....she comes to teach from Australia! She owns a shop in Sydney and has published numerous books. I would love to take a class from her sometime.....

She talked about the history of quilts in Australia and then showed us some of her creations....







Two of our quilt holders.... waiting their next duty.... they are also two of our amazing teachers and helpers at quilt show!











This last quilt Kathy and her friends made for mom and I....we are still in discussion on who gets it when. We might have to have a custody battle on our hands....or it will go to neutral territory and hang in the shop.

Have a great day!


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2013

We had an amazing year.... our Quilter's Affair classes were wonderful and we had a excellent group of teachers.....and the Show....well, I can say one of the best ever....the weather was perfect, no rain (thank goodness), no wind and happy, happy people.

I have so many photos to share with you that there will be multiple posts....

I will let the photos speak for themselves.... I will start with Picnic in the Park.... the final event for Quilter's Affair....and the kick off for Saturday...

First our employee challenge.... This year the Stitchin' Post employee challenge was Streams of Color...






You will notice the little legs holding quilts.... My nephew, Braden and the girls wanted to help....








This is mine.....





Almost missed this one going by...




The picnic in the park is a fun event....




Waiting patiently....

Tomorrow..... Kathy Doughty from Australia.... she was the speaker Friday night. Amazing woman!

Have a great day!!!



Portland Market....

Back from market and finally feeling like I have caught up....well, at least on the market stuff now onto the next deadlines. I am reminded that I don't like to be bored so new projects are always good. Keeps the creative juices flowing.

Before the new projects how about some photos from my booth at market?! WISH!

I love a corner booth...it is open and very inviting...



I wrapped twigs with Wish fabric and hung little wish birds and the lyrics of Jena's song on the branches. The old (working) typewriter was available for folks to type their wishes...



Here is the little wish bird pattern for you to make your own birdie! Download Little Birdback

A jar of wishes from my friends at market...

I also had all the wishes from my friends and family that make up the Wishing Tree print.

The new Jillie Wrap skirt and Amelia Shawl...

My Wish chairs and knitted pillows.....

Close-up of the other pillow.... pattern to come soon!!


Wish Bird....

I love my birdie vase...perfect for a peony....



Can't end without some beautiful Peony photos.... I could take photos of these flowers forever and ever and ever!!!!

Thanks to all the great peeps that visited me at market! Makes me feel great to see all the wonderful smiles and get all of the great hugs!

Have a great day!!!




Off to market....

We are heading to Portland tomorrow for market. If anyone comes to the show come by my booth 2254. I would love to meet you.

I wanted to share a couple more bits from Wish....

Living in Sisters we are so blessed to be surrounded by talented people who love to collaborate. My friend Jena is a musician and when I told her about Wish she asked if she could write a song about it. It is being put together as we speak and will be going on her new album. So exciting and flattering. As soon as I have the song available to me I will post so you all can hear this talented girl.... in the mean time here is her blog Cabin Time Sessions.

She was kind enough to give me the lyrics.... So beautiful!


This is the quilt Wish.... it uses a designer 2 1/2" roll from Free Spirit but you could also make it with fat 1/4's or 1/4 yards. It is a free pattern download. Download WishFreePattern_web

I will be taking lots of photos of my booth and market. You can always find my recent photos on my Valori Wells Designs facebook page or @valoriwells on Instagram and Twitter....hope to see you there.

I have to finish packing....




Wish Patterns...

Happy Saturday....

We have a huge lacrosse tournament in town this weekend and my oldest has two games today. It is amazing to me that she is 7 and we are already this busy with sports....can't imagine what is going to happen when all three are in sports. Before I head out I thought I would share some Wish projects...

When I have  new collection of fabric released I always make patterns - sewing cards or clothing - to give you ideas on ways to use the fabric. One of the most important things is that what I create can also be translated into other fabrics.... making the pattern useful for shops and customers alike for a longer period of time than just the life of the fabric. It is sad that a fabrics lifespan on average is 6 to 9 months. There are times that if it is really popular it will last a year.

Several years ago when I introduced my Wrenly collection I made a twin size quilt out of the voile called Betsy. It uses big pieces of fabrics that in turn make a quick quilt to piece. I thought it was a perfect "off to college quilt" and out of voile it is so soft and cuddly. I re-created Betsy out of Wish voile...

The original...

Wish version....


One of the other patterns that I recreated was the Lanie Dress....LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. Originally I made it out of Novella rayon...which flows beautifuly.

For Wish I made it out of the Knit...talk about comfortable...


The knit is so amazing to work with I had to take the two Girlfriend patterns that I had done out of Karavan knit and make them out of Wish....

The Original Sondy...


The New Sondy...


The Original Isabelle....


The new Isabelle...


Since Wish is such a special collection to me and it connects me to my favorite people I had to make Wish Birds for my booth and for my friends....

I do love re-creating patterns but I also have lots of ideas for new patterns....

I did four new patterns for this season. First is the Jillie wrap skirt...


This skirt is so quick and easy to make and is very flattering. I LOVE maxi skirts and dresses so this skirt is long. I have made it out of knit, voile and rayon. They all have different qualities of drape and coziness.

The next is the Amelia Shawl...

This awesome shawl is a big rectangle that has buttons along both edges to create sleeves....I love to knit so I included a knit version in the pattern. When the Amelia Shawl is made out of the voile it is the perfect summer cover up.

Pockets of Wishes is a small wall hanging created with pockets for "wishes" or dreams, kids drawings, etc.

All of the pieces are top stitched onto a background rather than pieced.

The last pattern is my favorite by far....Trinity spent a lot if time in my head before I was able to create what I saw. I just love how the variety of creams and whites in the background create a great texture as well as the different substrates that I used; linen, cotton and embossed fabrics.

This card is not a beginner sewing card it is more of an intermediate technique card. I show you how to make the strips and cut them into triangles free form so your quit will be your own not exactly like mine.  I enjoyed it so much I am going to be doing more of these technique cards to go with the beginner cards.


I am being called to head to the lacrosse game.... Have a great day! More Wish projects and inspiration to come....



Sew Red and Valentine's.....

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I think it is one of my favorite days because it was my grandmother's birthday, Clara Valentine....I miss her! This day is to be full of love and happiness...it isn't about gifts and roses and chocolate to me but the beauty of loving...

"We are reminded how short life really is, and how we are just passing through. So,all the people you haven't told you love lately, tell them, and live your days like you mean it." - Hal Sutton

I am excited to be posting about a great project that I was a part of.... Sew Red and the Sew Red blog tour....What is Sew Red? It is a really cool book with beautiful projects from a variety of folks in the Quilting and Sewing Industry... and everything is in RED....this book was created to raise awareness of the risks of heart disease in women! How amazing to be a part of such a great cause. I am blessed to not have lost any women in my family to heart disease. It is such a huge issue for us and it takes people like Laura Zander - the founder of Jimmy Beans Wool (btw an awesome yarn shop) to take a step up and make us all aware. Laura's from the knitting world and started her quest for awareness with Stitch Red... a needlework book that was filled with projects in red... This is an fun and important blog tour I hope you have the time to visit some of the other blogs for their projects and thoughts on heart disease....I have added a list to the end of this post on all the other folks contributing....

But I thought I would first share some pics.....

The book....

The quilt I did for the project....Love their photography!!!

Turned out so beautiful.... I really was honored to be part of such a great book.

Have a great HEART healthy Valentine's Day!!!!




2/11 - Kay Whitt - http://blog.sewserendipity.com
2/12 - Marcia Harmening - http://www.happystashquilts.com/blogs/news
2/13 - Ty Pennington - He'll actually be posting on Stitch Red Blog, as he does not have his own blog - http://www.stitchred.com/blog.asp
2/15 - Patty Young - http://modkidboutique.blogspot.com
2/18 - Mark Cesarik - http://homeecny.blogspot.com and you!
2/19 - Amy Butler - she'll also be posting on the Stitch Red site
2/20 - Sweetwater - http://www.sweetwater.typepad.com
2/21 - Brett Bara - http://www.brettbara.com
2/22 - Saremy Duffy - http://www.saremy.typepad.com
2/23 - Nancy Zieman - www.nancyzieman.com/blog
2/25 - Tula Pink - http://tulapink.com/blog and Kaari Meng/French General - http://frenchgeneral.blogspot.com
2/27 - Anna Maria Horner - http://annamariahorner.blogspot.com
2/28 - Kristen Ashbaugh Helmreich - www.marinade.wordpress.com

Novella Indigo...

AAAHHH Monday! I love my Monday's...I tend to spend the day in the studio working on the latest obsession.

But alas....I must share my Indigo palette with you. The photo shoot that we did with Indigo was my Favorite. My assistant and I planned a dinner party late in the summer with all of our peeps. I knew I had to use my peeps others may not wear the clothes I ask to match the palette. The entire party was based around Indigo and the colors. I planned the food to match, and cooked it all.... I love cooking! Especially for friends.

We sent out invitations to the party indicating what they would wear. Then all they had to do was arrive be willing to let me take their pics and enjoy a lovely dinner.

But first the fabric....



this is in cotton sateen

this is in cotton sateen... yummy!!





Cotton Sateen and cotton

I have to warn you I have a lot of photos from the Indigo Nights Dinner Party.....it was just so fun. I can't tell you how exciting it was to pull it off. There are times when you have ideas that really are not going to work. This one did and it was perfect!!!! 









This pic was done by my lovely assistant, Sondy! She is getting good at catching a moment. So proud!!




Didn't really have any Indigo food but all of the accent colors were perfect for cooking!

Wine infused pear over peaches with a little marscapone cheese....all I have to say is OMG YUMMY!!

Without planning it we had a full moon! It was a beautiful night!

In the cool of the evening the girls ended up cuddled in Novella quilts. Made my heart fill with love and gratitude for these amazing people in my life.

Novella Indigo free pattern.... Download NovellaFreePattern-web

Finnelopy sewing card....

Tomorrow....Booth shots....I love how my booth turned out and am excited to show you. If you happen to be local...we are going to put the booth up in the  shop after our annual PJ sale on Saturday. The crate should be arriving on Wednesday.

Have a great day!!