The sanity beach trip....

Ross and I recently spent a long - well needed - weekend at the beach...just us! It was lovely....sleep in, stay up late (at least 10) do what we want to do. We did chat about the kids a lot. Seems like that is our M.O. get a chance to be alone together and talk about the babes! Great to be away but miss them all the same.

The trip started out with a long drive over the freshly packed snow on the passenger I got to do some drive-by shooting.

It was beautiful! So amazing to see the transformation of the forest from color to almost black and white.

We spent the afternoon in Portland, a nice lunch a little shopping....great day.

We love to stay at Manzanitia when we head to the Oregon is a small little town with a Awesome beach and it is very quiet. Always nice!
It actually snowed that first night....not anything that stuck on the beach but in the foothills there was a bit of accumulation. Our walk on the beach was a little frosty...but beautiful.


We took a hike on Saturday at Oswald mom describes the hike to the beach perfectly "magical"....through the old growth forest with the trees covered with moss, so lush and spiritual.


It was a perfect 10 day....not a cloud in the sky, not that warm but still nice for February!


Some of our friends from Sisters happened to be at the coast the same weekend so we met in Pacific City for dinner at a great pub, The Pelican. We arrived as the sun was beautiful! This is the first photo I took after running from the car to the beach so not to miss it.

It was truly a one of a kind sunset!

Well, I'm back to cleaning and working...a little organizing here a little creating there. A good day in the studio. I finally got part of my space clean and re-organized that I actually feel like I can work. When it is too messy or chaotic I just can't work I end up pacing around until I'm totally frustrated and leave. But after yesterday's cleaning I am ready to go.

Have a great day!