December is here and I am in full swing making holiday gifts for my family and friends. My husband thinks I am crazy because I am working every night on gifts but I love it. To make something special for the people I love full fills me. Now I can't wait to wrap them up and give them away...just have to finish!

I thought I would share a birdcage that I made about a month ago...with a little help from the puppy and kittens. No they didn't really help but it was fun to play with them with the sticks.
Inside this lovely cage is a "Wish Bird". I have a great friend that once gave me a cup that said wish, wish, wish, wish all down the side of it. I found myself staring at that cup and finally just took out a piece of paper and wrote a wish. There have been several wishes added to this up over the past couple of years. The thought of having a special place to put a wish has been growing on me and I thought about my obsession with birds and how I could make  a bird into a place for special wishes.  Each one of the "Wish Birds" that I am making for gifts have been uniquely crafted with embroidery, beads and LOVE for the special friend. It is important to me to give to these friends and family something from my heart and that is just for them. Once they are all done I will photograph them to show you.....
Lilly Bean, my little shadow, likes to help me while I make the birds and other goodies in the studio. I love having the kittens in the studio. They get into trouble sometimes but they are so cuddly and cute you can't get too mad at them.

I finally finished Teague's birthday vest. I had to start over three times.....he is long and skinny so I had to adapt the pattern to fit his cute little body.
This was on Thanksgiving at my brother's house.....he is such a little man!

Love to all.....