A little quiet time.....

I have a few minutes to myself.....that doesn't happen very often. Teague is napping, Ross and the girls are out golfing with Papa and mom just left the studio after a market / all the work I have to do consultation. Take a deep breath it will all get done. That is what I remind myself - find my zone and just get it done.

Teague slept in his crib last night - first time....I think I had a harder time with it than he did. I really got used to having him in the moses basket next to me. I had to get myself out of bed and down stairs to feed him at 2 am and again at 5 am but he did good. Now, I didn't sleep well worrying too much about how he was doing. Funny! He is 5 months now and getting so big and he is my baby...goodness hard to think about. But at the same time I am so excited to see his personality grow and all the new adventures we will have as a family.

I am absolutely horrible about picking up my mail at the Post Office. I think I get there once a week. This week I had a surprise from my friend, Carmen.  REALLY, REALLY, CUTE barrettes for the girls that she made out of some of my flannel that I sent her. I had to share them with you......



Liv is such a poser......she could be a model the way she smizes (smiles with her eyes).....


Carmen has a Etsy page and a blog.....check it out she is a talented girl. THANK YOU CARMEN!!!!

Now for some recent photos of the fam that we at Whippersnappers Studio.....



The kids......


LOVE this one.....

He was so excited to be naked - he just started smiling and rolling over on the blanket....so cute. 


I would say this is one of my favorite photos of the bunch...it truly shows the girls personalities. Hard to get Vi without a funny look on her face.

Well, Teague has really good timing....he is awake - glad I got a chance to post....Have a great day!