Mama....the last standing??

We are living in the house of germs.....about two weeks ago Violette had a low grade fever for 4 days. !st doctor visit claimed tonsillitis.....three days later more low grade fevers and Olivia had pink eye - again - the fifth time since mid off to the doctor for the second time.  Violette was diagnosed with pneumonia - mild case - but explained a lot! Olivia, yep, pink eye again but we were told that it could just be the start of the virus that Violette had. Then Ross starts to get sick......Olivia comes down with a really bad cold and low grade to the doctor for the third visit. Teague with me because he was seeming a little under the weather and I wanted to just have the doc take a quick peak. Luckily Olivia just had a really bad pneumonia. As mid week rolls around the girls are on the up swing but poor Teague now has Olivia's cold. I feel so bad for him, coughing, having me suck his nose with the blue bulb, having a hard time nursing, a low grade fever - just all around miserable. Ross seems to be on the up side of his cold and me.....well, I was doing great until yesterday when I just started feeling not quite right. Today sill just on the brink....might get sick but might get better.

AAAHHHH!! I can't wait until Spring and we are not all stuck inside the house.In the mean time working as much as I can in the studio between nursing duties......lots of projects in the works. Spring Market is coming up quick and I do not have my sample yardage yet so I am making prototypes of patterns to get the kinks worked out. 

Here is a snip-it of one of the paintings of "Nest" my newest collection of fabric......


With my fingers crossed I am heading back to work in hopes of a productive day with out feeling worse.