Good Afternoon! I have been trying to get on here all day to get this out.....a quilting friend of mine, Pat Sloan did an interview of me this winter and it was posted today! I am so honored to be included in her blog - it turned out great.  SO, if you get a chance check it out!

Last week we were socked in with an temperature inversion and freezing was BEAUTIFUL, for a couple of days then I started to feel a little closed in! Since it was oh so pretty I shot a bunch of photos.....helped to keep my mind of all of the cold, cold, fog!


The day after I shot these mom came over and was so excited about the frost on the fence around the aspen trees I was out again.The first photos were shot in the evening 5ish and the second set in the morning. I love how different the colors were in the photos even though it didn't seem all that much darker in the evening.



Ok, last one I promise!!!
It was just too cool! Very cold though - like to the bone cold! Glad that is over......My sample yardage for Del Hi has arrived and I am starting to work on it.
The collection has been refined since I posted all of the strike-offs.....I do love this collection.
At the same time I have been trying to finish some other work. I feel so torn some days on what to work on. Sometimes it is great and I can bounce back and forth from one project to another depending on how it is going. This week I just had a hard time getting started with anything! UUGGHHH! I keep getting frustrated about what I don't get done in a day. Then, oddly enough, I remember a line in Kung Fu Panda, one of our favorite movies, I dont' have the first part of it memorized but I remember the last line - Today is a Gift that is why it is called The Present! Makes me take good check of myself.......Next time I watch the movie I am going to get the rest of the quote and pass it on! Some of the animated movies have more for the adults than the kids......
Anyway, check out Pat's blog, and website and knitting blog if you get a chance - she is a busy girl! Thanks Pat for the great interview!
Have an awesome is a Present!