Home from New York....

We are home from the big city of New York. It was a great trip, full of inspiration, friends, work and shopping. Couldn't ask for more. The Surtex show was good, mom and I had fun running the booth together, we saw AnnaMaria there - she had a great booth. Very fun!
Mom and I had a great time shopping and creating......she started a new quilt while we were there. Momsnyquilt It is all pieced by hand. We used the wall in our hotel room as a design wall. The table was full of pieces of fabric and we wondered what the cleaning crew must think of us - yarn and fabric everywhere. I designed a little knitted bag with bobbles that I lined with some fabric that I bought from Purl Patchwork. I also got some great yarn from Purl Soho that I want to make into these bags. Once it is done I will put a photo of it on and the instructions. Very fun and quick. I just need to make another one to prefect the pattern. (always a good to check your patterns before you give them out). I have more to tell you about our week long trip to NY but it will have to wait until tomorrow.....I have work to get done today.....have a great day!