Happy Mother's Day.....

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mom's and mom's to be. I really feel that being a mom and a wife is the best gift I could ever want. I love watching my daughter grow and learn, exploring the world around her. This is my family - all 3 and 1/2 of us.......Family
We had a nice mellow day....playing in the sunshine and running in the grass.Oliviarose What a beautiful day......I hope all of you mom's out there enjoyed your day.

I got the image of my booth at market downloaded.....it was a good booth. At next spring market we are going to do a double booth. It should be fun to have that much space to work in. Mom and I are heading off to New York for the Surtex show on Friday. I am excited to go to New York - it is always fun to travel with mom. We always come up with so many ideas.....we will also celebrate her birthday while we are there. We are going to do dinner with all of our friends that used to work with Free Spirit - they are still in New York and have moved onto other fabric companies but we have developed such a great relationship over the past 7 years. Well I have lots to get together for the show......Booth