36 and counting.......

It is October and I have safely made it to 36+ weeks. YEAH! I am off to the doctor today to see how far I have progressed, with the symptoms I have I should be moving along. He likes to bang his head against my cervix-lovely, my doctor says he is just trying to find his way out. That would be nice I am tired of being pregnant and would really like to meet him and move onto the next part of it all. There is that part of me that remembers that this will be the last time I am pregnant and to enjoy it and quit rushing things along.

I wasn't able to sleep the other night and did the math on how early the girls were - Liv was 30 days early and Vi was 22. Right now I am in the middle of that. There is a lot of anticipation because I just don't know if he is going to wait longer or come any day. I am such a planner and this so throws me off my normal. But this little guy has done this from the beginning so I should not be surprised.

Mom heads off to market this week. She is taking some of my new product to put up in the Free Spirit booth. I have a couple of free patterns that I will get posted soon.....I think I have said that before. With the new Del Hi home dec there there is a cute bag - that takes no time at all to make. For the Della Flannel mom made this great little quilt - perfect for baby. And then I have a new Valori Wells Designs pattern that should be all printed and ready to go by the time the fabric hits the stores it is new stuffed animals - a kitty, Lucy and a dog, Logan. Here is the postcard that mom is taking to market......notice the two bellies....


I am on the left....and Miss Carolyn is on the right - her little boy is due mid December.

Well, off to hang out with the girls until heading to the doctor........

Have a great day!!