Olivia Rose....August 14, 2005

My Olivia Rose was born on August 14, 2005.....five weeks early. She was 5 pounds 14 ounces and tiny! I still can't believe how small she was and now she is 7.

The day your child is born is a day that you don't just celebrate their birthday you celebrate your own journey and who they are becoming as a person.

Olivia is my budding artist....she love to take photos, paint, draw.....everything and anything that I like to do. On her birthday she puts on a dress I made out of my fabric and we went out to photograph her in the sunflowers.

My favorite lens that I use is called a Lensbaby. They make these amazing lens's that have a "sweet" spot of focus and are tiltable (not sure if that is a word). I recently recieved the Lensbaby newsletter and they were having a Lensbaby 2012 Photo Story Challenge.....I think my sweet Olivia's photos from her birthday are the perfect story.....So here they are.....


This is my favorite picture of her. I Love her green eyes and how she can just look through me with them. And I can see her beauty beyond the surface.....she is so open and loving. My sweet baby girl!



PS I used my Olympus Pen for these photos......LOVE!