Simply Made Summer.....

Happy Friday!!!! I have to apologize about last Friday and Simply Made was a big day for Quilter's Affair. Of course I had the best intentions and I figured I could do it all and still get in a post. I came to the realization at 9 p.m. as I was working at the shop that I was just not going to get it in.

Tomorrow is my Princess Violette's 5th Birthday....she is very excited for her Bubble Gum Princess party. In our house you don't get gum until you are 5....hence the bubble gum part! We love parties......and the summer is full of them!

This week for Simply Made Summer I thought I would introduce you to the Sophia Table Runner....she would look great on a table for a party....

This is a perfect project for a beginner because it has simple piecing, color play with the large scale print and piecing, quilting and binding.Those skilled quilters will find it a fun quick project to add a little style to your table.

To top off a great setting you need napkins......I have perfect napkin pattern for you.

All you need is a fat quarter - 18" x 18" piece of fabric, squared up. Then all you do is pull the strings until you get an fringe edge.

Once you have pulled the strings and you have 1/4" to 1/2" around the entire piece you clean up the edges and your done. There is no sewing required. This is a great gift for the hostess. It is fun to do lots of different patterns in a pack that you give away. It is a bit time consuming but a good tv project or weekend by the pool.....

Hope you have a great weekend!