Buried in Fabric......

The new Della flannel and fleece sample yardage has arrived in the studio......it is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I am buried in work.......and this little baby would like to try to come earlier than I would like - my doc has me on bed rest each day which is a good thing and a bad thing. I lay there thinking about everything I have to get done and finally will take a bit of a nap but feel like I miss out on a bunch  of the work day. Part of me feels like I will be able to get more done after the little man arrives that I can now.....I am sick so much now - nausea, heart burn, contractions....ect. etc. etc.........Oh, I shouldn't complain it is a blessing to have a baby just caught up in my own drama. Anyway, when the fleece arrived the buried the girls in it and took a photo - they had so much fun playing in the fabric and boxes that it came in.
It is a micro fleece so it is thin but OH SO COZY.....can't wait to make a blanket for myself for the couch......
Here is the Della Flannel.....very nice and goes really well with Urban Flannels. I want to come up with a quilt that uses them both....just haven't figured it out yet.
Sophie is always in the mix - she can't miss out on anything going on in the studio. Mom and I were putting together fabrics for the free pattern and she felt that she had to put her two paws into the mix. Gotta love cats!
On another note - this spring I met (well not in person but on line) a great gal, Rebekah Merkle, that lives in Oxford, England that makes little girl clothes and she wanted to use some of Del Hi. Well, she just wrote to send me the link to her site with the dress out of the turquoise PomPom from Del Hi......
Too cute.....Amoretti is the name of Rebekah's clothing line. She sent me a link to the video - I am unfortunatley a little behind on the technology and don't know how to put the video on my blog so I am putting a link to her site. Check it out - I am totally impressed!!!! The three beautiful girls are her daughters......Thanks Rebekah for using my fabric and sharing with me!!! I love it!
Maybe updating my computer skills would be a good thing to do on maternity leave......Oh, the list for maternity leave is getting longer and longer........besides just being with the baby!
Well, I have some deadlines to get back to before the end of the month.
Have a great day!!