Sewing day.....

Time is just flying by getting ready for market - whew thank goodness we are almost there. It seems like no matter how prepared I think I am, there are still things to finish the last week. One of these days it will not be like this.....well, at least I strive for that.
Anyway, I did get a awesome day of fun last week. On Saturday my girlfriend, Trea, brought over some of her college friends for a little sewing day. There are a group of us that try to get together once a month for sewing in the studio, Trea, Julie, Sondy and I, we eat, chat and work on projects. It is so fun and relaxing......well, when Trea's friends were coming to town she wanted to teach them how to make project bags - one of my sewing card patterns - so we all gathered at the studio and had a great sewing day.........just what I needed - a day away from market and my day to day to just play!




Trea and the girls with their bags......
It was a great day it reminds me how important it is to spend time with your girlfriends how much it can refuel you and complete your life. We do need women in our lifes to support you, laugh with you, cry with you and be there no matter what. Thanks girls!!!!! I am back to work......lots going on - I have more to share but the curtains in the booth are calling to me to finish them! One more thing  off the list.....
Enjoy your day......