kinda exciting.....

Ok I have to say I am totally excited about girlfriend Andrea called me the other day to say that she saw my fabric on tv. I was a surprised.....want to know more!!?? Well, TNT cable network is doing a movie called Gifted Hands - on the preview of this movie there is a beautiful woman wearing a dress - at least I think it is a dress all you see is from the waist up - out of my Brown Roses from Olive Rose..... I have now seen the preview - so cool - and am going to record the movie. It airs tomorrow night at 8pm - I think it will actually be a great movie - it stars Cuba Gooding Jr.

Here is my brown roses. I have to tell you it makes me want to make a dress out of the fabric. I do have a skirt but a dress would be do pretty. Thank goodness for Andrea she had the eagle eye for my fabric!! Thanks girl!!!
Have a great day....