changes and lots of new ideas.......

As you can see I am making some changes on my blog...trying to update to where I am at this time. So, please be patient with me as I am making a little change. Also, I have some great photos from our annual PJ sale at the shop. Ross (my loveley husband) is getting them to me.
Then today I got my strike-offs for Delhi - YEAH! I will give you a sneak preview. On another note the last post I did I was talking about the collection that I was painting and I said that it was for Spring of 09 - OPPS it is Spring of 2010. Delhi is Spring of 2009, so.....I will give previews of the 2010 as I get the paintings done. I am so excited for all of the new designs that are in the works. I love that feeling when it is all starting to work - I have to embrace it.
I will leave you with a sneak peak at a design I did for a new collection of fabric that will be out this spring.... this is just a black and white image not the colors of the fabric - this is part of the new collection that I have coming.....soon....I have to wait a little bit longer...please be patient!
Take care.....Have a great evening.....