a long week.......

My life has been crazy since my last post.....Kaffe and Brandon were here teaching for a week. Very fun! I have a few photos - my friend has some more she is going to get me.......it was hard to get into the classes all week with the girls and life........Here are a few photos........
A self portrait of Vi and I on the inspirational hike with Kaffe. Vi is not too sure about riding in the pack yet....we have to get out a bunch this summer to get her used to it. I think my hair gets in her face - have to go with braids next time...........


I got a couple of shots with my little digital and a baby on my back......I have to go back out because the wild flowers are in bloom and it is just beautiful.....someone actually found a wild violet that I want to go back with my macro lens and shot. They are so tiny and delicate!
Last but not least a photo of me and the boys.......On Friday I took Kaffe up to Portland to the airport and was going to stay with my dad and step-mom......but in the afternoon I got a call from my step-mom that my dad was in the hospital.....unfortunately he is still there and not doing great - he is in ICU and now finally off of sedation but has not woke up yet. It has been a hard week....I am going to travel back up tomorrow to see him.....I never imagined how hard it would be to see a parent in that situation - broke my heart......Take every day to the fullest even the bad days.....makes me treasure my family, my life and I feel so blessed to have what I have - to be healthy and happy!
I hope everyone is doing well and I will chat again soon......hopefully not to long from today.
Have a great day - count your blessings!