Harmonies Batiks....

One of my favorite adventures in fabric design was creating the Harmonies Batik series. This was the first time I took the chance and drew my own designs. They were simple India ink drawings that were then translated into sun baked batiks in Indonesia. It was a a leap of faith to send black and white drawings and let them dye as they desired. The results of this combined creativity was amazing, I received so many color options it was difficult to narrow it down.


There were three additions of Harmonies Batiks... I have always had a special place in my heart for these fabrics it was a collaboration of artists in different countries making beautiful fabric.


During this time I also was learning about New York Beauty blocks and drafting my own designs. These experiments led to my book Radiant New York Beauties, I was expanding my abilities as an artist designing fabric and as a new quilter exploring techniques.

These were my last fabrics with Quilter's Only, my next collection debuted with a new company, Free Spirit.