Color of the Week.... Salsa





Salsa.... makes me smile and want to do a little dance. OR eat! HAHA! We have been getting the shop ready for next weeks classes and quilt show and I am already feeling a little punchy. But it is going so good, the shop looks great our staff is amazing they work together so well and I love the energy right now.... But I am here to talk to you about SALSA... yummy red, cherry tomatoes,and gerber daisies... just a few of the possible Salsa images. This red falls on the orange side of the color wheel....This is one of those punchy colors that a little goes a long way. It also reminds me of Freddy Moran... she uses red as a neutral in her quilts....

What do you use red for? I realize that I don't use a lot of red in my quilts...I might have to push myself and try Freddy's approach to making Salsa a neutral!















Happy 4th of July to all of you...I will be working but we might get a little fun in the afternoon!



PS...Next week starts the Summer Blueprint fabrics... So excited! Good-bye spring HELLO SUMMER!!!!