Wrenly's Christmas.....

Hello my friends.....I have missed a week of Christmas so today I have two wonderful things to show you.... Last week I finished up a marathon of photo shoots for my new collection of fabric coming out this fall, Novella.

On Saturday night we did a photo shoot called Indigo Nights.....based on the palette in Novella called Indigo. I had all my wonderful friends come over to my assistant, Sondy's, house for an evening to remember. It was amazing and I will give more details when I can share the photos.....now the reason I was telling you this is because I made my Roasted Butternut Squash soup.....there were lots of requests for the recipe.

I decided it was the perfect recipe to share in Wrenly's Christmas......

Roasted Butternut Squash Soupblog

This is a great soup for any occasion. I also have changed it slightly when I took out the butternut squash, added a couple more potatoes and broccoli. It makes a yummy broccoli potato soup. I don't roast the broccoli but put it in the last 15 minutes before you blend it. Sprinkle with some cheddar cheese and it is ready to go.

For your holiday needs you might want to include the Wrenly Christmas Table runner.....


This table runner came from one of my sewing cards....

Sophia tableruner.blog

Along with the table runner you can always use napkins. I have the perfect simple napkin pattern for you. Not sure I would call it a pattern but a project. Take a fat 1/4, 18" x 22" and square it up to 18" x 18". Then pull the strings from the edges until you get about a 1/4" of fringe around the entire napkin. Clean up the edges with scissors or a rotary cutter and WA-LA! Napkin......they wash up great and don't continue to fray. Wonderful!!!

Great gift too!!! They are time consuming but worth it.

Tomorrow is Teagues's 3rd birthday....Poor guy is fighting a bad cold too! If he is still sick tomorrow I am going to have to cancel his little party. I am hoping that after his nap today he will feel better.

Hopefully next week I will not have as many issues and can actually get to posting on Friday for Wrenly's Christmas.....I am going to be sending out 6 bundles of Wrenly's Christmas on Friday.....so get your comments in. And  not to worry there will be 6 more bundles in November.....