Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2012....part 1

Happy Monday!!! I got my first canning lesson today with my step-mom. We made dill pickles! So domestic of between the canning process I started working on my Spring 2013 collection of fabric. Makes my brain hurt to think that far ahead right now. I have spent so much time trying to keep myself in the now it is hard to think out that far.

The pickles are done, the lids popped (I guess that is good). Teague is still sleeping. It is peaceful so I thought I would share some Quilt Show photos from this year......


The day always begins with the Sisters Firemen hanging our Employee Challenge Quilts.

Mom and I out for our morning walk.....

I love the look down Cascade St, aka Highway 20, first thing in the morning. I think it was about 7:30ish.


I LOVE this quilt!


Rob Appell....sporting his Quilt Rescue t-shirt. He volunteers every year to help with Quilt Rescue. Very Cool!!!!

Still hanging.....

Rob hard at work fixing a quilt.....and we have barley made it 2 blocks.

I will have to end little monster is calling! Keep your eyes out for part 2 and part 3....