July's first Simply Made Summer....

Hello.....FRIDAY!!! The last relaxing day until Quilt Show is over. Sunday starts the whole event off with the Fiber Arts Stroll, Monday is the beginning of Quilter's Affair Classes at the high school....and the week goes on....I am really excited for Quilter's Affair and Quilt Show this year. I think it is going to be a great year!

Photo copy 5
The Quilt Show office is now open and sorting quilts.....

Photo copy 4

They are so organized....it is truly amazing that 1500ish quilts come into this space get organized and then One Summer Day in July....Sisters, Oregon is transformed with quilts hanging all over town! It is beautiful!

We are having a bbq tonight to start off the party......

But before I get to my cooking and mixing of sangria I will share my Simply Made Summer for today.....

It is BERRY season around here and Oregon does have the most amazing berries. That being said I have to share my Summer Berry Crisp recipe. It is the perfect last minute dessert....takes no time at all and is truly yummy.

Download SummerBerryCrisp and the download for your recipe box....(I Hope)

Olivia and I made this crisp last night....unfortunately we didn't have any ice cream so in turn we put chocolate chips on it. When the crisp is warm it is so yummy with the chocolate. Fun new addition to the recipe.

Photo copy 2

Photo copy 3

Now when you make this lovely crisp you will need a pot holder to get it out of the oven....In case you are tired of your old pot holders I have a pattern for you....

My Flutterby Pot Holder Sewing Card......super cute and easy......can't go wrong with that!

Now I am off to prepare for a BBQ.

Have a great weekend!