Fabric Cave.....


I've been in the fabric designing cave for the past few weeks. Working on my fall collection of fabric! I am really excited about it and can't wait to show you but it will have to wait until I get some samples. It is amazing how I am working on this fabric but at the same time thinking about my booth for Spring Market and the Wrenly collection that is coming out this spring. So many things to think about and so many ideas! Oh thank god for the ideas....there are times in my life where I wonder if I am going to be able to come up with another collection or another quilt or another booth but then when it comes down to it I do! It is all so exciting these days with the work I am doing and there are times that I can't believe it is real! I have struggled for years with lack of confidence in my work and myself and finally I am getting there. Getting to the place that every artist dreams of, the land of confidence!!!

While I have been in the "cave" I have had lots of help from my kitties...they follow me everywhere when I am in the studio. When I was taking a break from drawing (my wrist has been aching)) I shot a couple of photos of the kitty helpers.

Lilly is not much help so she sleeps and purrs SO LOUD! Gotta love a purring happy kitty...I just wish I could nap with her.

Leo on the other hand is very frisky and he runs around harassing Sophie as much as possible. I think she secretly loves it.

Even though she acts like she is pissed off and being put out by the kittens! She also likes to eat my erasers on my pencils when I am not looking......not sure how good that is for her digestion.

I am not very good at being idle so there are a ton of projects going on in the studio....my girlfriend Andrea told me I need an intervention! She is probably right or maybe just an assistant!!! Anyhow, we have a new quilt contest with Quilt Show this year, Small Wonders. I really wanted to make a quilt for the contest, so this is what I have started....

The contest will benefit Quilt Show and our Parks and Rec in town. I am so excited to help SPRD (Sisters Parks and Recreational District) they have do so much for our community and our children in the community. We are hoping to get some of the kids to make some quilts for the contest.

I have attached some information from the Quilt Show web site for the Small Wonders contest just in case any of you would like to enter....I love the idea - it is like making doll quilts, they can't be smaller than 18" or bigger than 24". OH, so attainable for someone like me!!! It is fun to work on something like this nothing to do with my fabric but everything to do with my community and my family.

Well, back to the cave and the kitties!!



The Stitchin’ Post and Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show challenge you to create a "Small Wonder” quilt and donate it for a fundraiser benefiting Sisters non-profit organizations. These Small Wonders will be between 18” and 24” in size. The quilts will be displayed at the Sisters Library during the month of May where visitors will vote for their favorite. Prizes totaling $500.00 will be awarded and the quilts will be displayed and sold during Quilt Show in July. Proceeds from the Challenge will be divided between the show and Sisters Park & Recreation District which provides much needed recreational opportunities that benefit the health and wellness of the Sisters community, especially our youth. For rules and entry information click here. Quilts are due by April 15th