Zen sketching....

When we were in Hawaii mom and I took up Zentangles. What is a Zentangle you may ask?! Well, it is a meditative sort of sketching that you do on small pieces of paper with a pen. The company has created a kit that has all you need to get started. I purchased two of them for mom and I so that when we were relaxing - ok, when the girls were asleep - we could do some sketching. I love the concept becasue it is very simple and freeing and very addictive.  At Christmas all of us girls were doing Zentangles while the boys were watching TV. Anyway, I have been wanting to show you some of my sketches and I finally got them scanned.
You start using a pencil to create a shape and then quadrants in the shape. Put the pencil down and pick up the pen and start creating repetitive shapes......
The kit has a dice with numbers that corespond to some of the suggested design repeats. It is a fun  way to start and you don't have to think. I find that thinking can ruin a good meditative setting....
Once you are done filling in the space you can use the pencil to shade if you like. Some of them I shaded and other I didn't. Kinda fun either way.
Once you get the hang of it you will start seeing simple repetive shapes all around.
I love that it is creative but doesn't put pressure on you to be perfect or have to figure out how to paint it or put it into repeat.....
I try to do one at least once a week. I am getting a great stack. Wouldn't they be cool on the front of a card. I love to send cards - nothing like getting a hand written letter in the mail. Not that e-mail isn't OH SO convient but the hand written note is time. Time that someone took to tell you how life is, or how special you are. One of my good friends from college and I have a letter/card relationship. We live only 3 hours away but we keep in touch, except for the occassional phone call, by writing letters. I love it, makes me stop and take check of myself, find the words, find the space to just be and write to someone.
Anyway, off on a tanget.....hope you like my zen sketching.
Have a great day!