Menssenger Bag and Quilted Laptop Case

I love this much that I have made four of them so far....first just to have one then out of figuring out the pattern......then I made one for Carolyn to take to gift show. I figured that I needed a bag to carry my laptop in and I didn't really like what I saw out there so I made a quilted one....again a few different prototypes until I got to this final pattern.....
I added a decorative touch with embroidering one of th roses on the bag....I was thinking that there are quite a few different ways that you could make it personal...embroidery, fabric flowers, beads, knitted flowers.....the possibilities are endless.....
I was also thinking that you could make the bag smaller - maybe fit a sketch book (narrower) and then have it when you go out and about when you don't need so much of a bag. I use mine for going back and forth to work and all my stuff.....I am a bag lady; computer, messenger bag, diaper bag.....oh and a nine month old baby, it is a good thing I go to the gym...... On a side note I can't believe that Vi is nine months...I think I say that every month but oh my gosh time does fly!!! I keep thinking that she is going to crawl but then nope! I guess I shouldn't rush that since then I am going to have to pay attention to all the little bits of things that Liv drops on the floor without thinking of a baby eating them......
Have a great day!!!!