I have finished a new painting.......

This is the friends painting that will be flannel fabric this fall....I am taking a bunch of my older deisgns and re-coloring them for a flannel collection this fall.....I was inspired a couple of Sunday's ago as we sat at breckfast to do a design that would incorporate the medallion designs that I do with some animals. The animals are also reminisant of a new pattern of stuffed friends that will come out this spring....images to come soon. I am so excited that it is done!!! YEAH!!!! Now all I have to do is the color changes on the other designs. I really want to create a great collection of flannels that will appeal to little boys and little girls but would also make great jammies for the mama.....among other things.
Miss Vi likes to hang out in the studio with me while I paint.....she is such a great baby...plays so well by herself. If you were wondering where that great fabric came from on the is the new Olive Rose which is arriving in the shop as we speak......By the end of the week I think I might have some fabric to give away...keep checking back!!! A shameless way to get you to come back to my blog ;)
    Violette, Mom, Carolyn and I will be heading to Portland tomorrow for a field trip. We like to take little trips to the city - get a city fix - and check out shops. Get ideas from displays and merchandise what other people do in their shops, it is great time to brainstorm on ideas and just have some girl time. It should be fun....I'm taking my camera and sketch book to capture any sort of inspiration.
Have a great evening.....