Mini Quilt Show

There is an annual event in Oregon that we love - Cycle is a week long bike ride that travels around different parts of the state each year. My husband and I did it about 3 years ago - before babies! This year it started and ended here in Sisters. Very Cool!! A good friend of ours suggested that we do an avenue of quilts as the cyclist come into the finish line. The finish line was in the parking lot of our Athletic Club and new Lodge (which is VERY cool!) On Saturday morning we set up quilt frames......Co1and quilts.....
Co4 I think one of the greatest parts of putting together this little display was that all of the quilts were from our employees! They are such a talented group of gals!!!
Co5 The cyclist started arriving - we had to come cheer on our friends riding in....
Co8_2 We heard from cyclist that it was the best finish of the 20 years! Part of what makes Sisters such a great place is our community....the High School Jazz Band also came out and played for the bikers as they rode in....Liv loves to dance to their music.
Co9 It was fun to be a part of the event...maybe we will get to ride the week again sometime......dreams!
Have a great day!