Time Flies....

Good morning....I am always amazed at how quickly time flies. It seems like we just went to market and now it is almost summer.....June has gone by in a blink! We are gearing up for Quilt Show and Quilter's Affairat the shop......it is amazing all that we have to do to get ready. We have a fabulous staff and it is nice that every year we get more and more organized.
I am working on a new fabric collection and trying to get the babies room all done. My nesting instincts have gone into overdrive.....I am probably driving my husband crazy but I just need it to be clean and all ready for the arrival of the new girl. With our fingers crossed we will make it through Quilt Show without a birth...then she can come anytime after that!
Mom got her New York quilt done.....beautiful.......Cityscapeblog_2 I just love the abstract quality that she created and the color palette that she used. It is always inspiring to watch a quilt grow.
I will leave you with a photo of my first bouquet of flowers from Olivia.
Livyflowersblog We spent the weekend out at our family cabin on the Metolious River, all of the wild flowers are in bloom. While I was napping, Liv, Mimi and Papa (Mom and John) went out for a walk and picked some flowers for me. It was so sweet.....Liv was so proud of herself....Have a great day!!!